Pregnancy Yoga London Bridge

Alexa teaches pregnancy yoga classes at The Bridge, a space she hires for her Tuesday evening classes since 2013. It is located in Southwark between London Bridge and Waterloo.

Pregnancy Yoga London Bridge – Classes are a mix of all stages of pregnancy from week 12 until birth. Alexa offers her pregnancy yoga classes with an open mind and open heart. Alexa’s approach to yoga is non-dogmatic and her classes incorporate a range of yoga traditions which are adapted to suit the overall dynamic of a class as well as each individual’s needs.

Why Choose Alexa’s Pregnancy Yoga Classes in London?

Alexa trained with world renowned teachers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Nadia Narain, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Birthlight and YogaBirth teachers.

She teaches at top London yoga studios like triyoga in Camden, Shoreditch and Chelsea and The Shala in West Norwood.

What people say about Alexa’s classes

Vicky, April 2018

I just wanted to tell you how incredible I think your classes are. I am a Midwife at King’s, and before I attend your classes I was finding it difficult to allow time to care for myself and connect to my pregnancy. However from the first session I attend I immediately felt grounded, centred and at peace. I have a natural tendency and interest in meditation and nature which I found useful to practice with an app through my pregnancy, but your classes took this to another level for me. I felt there was such a nice balance of talking / meditation / breathing exercises and movement. After each class I felt rejuvenated centred at at one with my body and my baby. I ahh’d ooo’d and shhh’d my way through labour just like you had shown us, that alone got me through the hardest parts. I look back on my labour as one of the most intense but spiritual and wonderful experiences of my life and a lot of this is down to you and your classes.

Helen, December 2017

I wanted to thank you for being an excellent yoga and hypnobirthing teacher-your approach to it all and style of teaching, your general gentle and relaxed and positive demeanour were a really important element of my mental preparations-I kept thinking about birthing my baby gently and that every birth is right for every person, and I was in control. My only regret was that I was busy so many Sundays when I had to miss your class!! But I’m glad I made it for one last one last week-I’m sure that helped too!!
Thank you Alexa-you’re brilliant and really inspirational. I will now look forward to you mum and baby classes!!

Join Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes
Tuesdays 7.15pm
The Bridge
81 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 0NQ

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