Partner Pregnancy Yoga – a Couples Workshop

Yoga, movement, positions, breath and tools in Preparation for Labour and Birth

This workshop will help couples connect deeply with themselves and their baby, during such a significant and intense time. The birthing-partner will learn how to best support the birthing woman, using their own body, and other props often helpful in childbirth.

Yoga poses, partnering poses, massage techniques, how to use breath and alignment to relieve aches and discomfort and a sweet way to connect with your partner – whether your partner is a spouse, sister, mother, or friend!

Mothers in general feel happy and confident not when they had an easy and short birth, but when they felt their partners were with them. Not about expertise but whether their partners where there for them and felt they were really a team.

So I want you to give you tips to figure out how to work together, because that’s the thing you are going to remember more than anything. It’s the way you are with each other that really matters. Midwives, doctors, are helping you for a day… but you are taking the baby home… you are a family…

Couples will have the chance to:

  • Learn gentle yoga postures that are most beneficial during pregnancy, with an emphasis on working in pairs
  • Work together as they might in labour
  • Learn breathing and massage and touch techniques useful for pregnancy, and labour
  • Learn movements and positions for labour and birth
  • Learn rebozo techniques for labour and birth
  • Enjoy a bonding meditation and visualization with your baby
  • Time to meet other couples over tea and biscuits after the workshop

No yoga experience is necessary. This physical birth preparation workshop is perfect for all trimesters, experience level, and body size. If you are single or your partner can’t make it, feel free to bring a friend, family member or doula!

Couples are encouraged to come to the workshop 2 or 3 times to consolidate learning and continue to build connection and trust. The price is per couple. This is a 2-hour workshop but expect to finish later. Please arrive on time!

  • Bring comfortable clothes to move comfortably and sit on the floor
  • Bring a bottle of water – you can refill at the studio
  • Bring a blanket to pad your knees
  • Bring a scarf, pashmina or rebozo

After the workshop you will receive visual aids to remember what we’ve done.

Monthly Group Sessions: Location + Price + Dates click here


Private 1-2-1 sessions: £150 – 2 hours at your home


“Alexa, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Your work is beautiful and made us confident and joyful. I really appreciate the whole experience: positions, breath techniques, music and, of course, your powerful smile.” – Pedro



“Alexa designs and conducts her pregnancy yoga workshop with a lot of passion, attention to detail and care. She creates a lovely, calm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. She is very knowledgeable and responsive to individual’s questions and needs. We especially found the partner exercises for pain relief during labour very useful. The workshop is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner to further grow as a family.” – Simone, July 2019

“Alexa’s birth preparation workshop is a wonderful two hour get away to prepare for labour and have time and space to connect with your partner. James and I really enjoyed all aspects and would highly recommend this to all expecting couples!” – Michele, July 2019

“My partner was rather nervous about coming as a male that has never done yoga or had a baby. After he said he found it useful and a great experience, but most of all he saw my pregnant spirit. I personally felt that we connected more as a “pregnant” couple and we have used certain techniques learnt in the workshop a lot at home and it’s enabled me to cut down on pregnancy massages. It’s made us more a team and made my partner feels more confident” – Liberty and Ben, April 2019

“Alexa introduced us to the great opportunity we have to enjoy the birth experience. In a very practical and informative workshop; we learnt so much and left feeling even more connected and excited about the birth. Thanks Alexa” – Louise and Phil, April 2019

“We find Alexa very knowledgable and her voice is soothing and relaxing. It was very good to learn new practical techniques to use during labour and we definitely feel more confident and prepared. The best part was feeling connected with my husband on a deep level. It’s not every day that we take the time to sit down and look into each others eyes. Also earning how to use a rebozo was great – who would have thought that such a simple thing could provide so much support and relief for us mums. We found the course really insightful and we’ll definitely put in practise what we learned.” – Rita, March 2019

“This workshop is a perfect way to feel confident and connected with your partner to prepare for labour. Alexa showed us many techniques that will provide comfort and help manage pain during labour. My partner and I enjoyed the experience and definitely recommend it. Thanks again Alexa” – Domenica, February 2019

“My husband and I attended Alexa’s couples connect pregnancy yoga class and we both really enjoyed it. My husband found it very informative and he felt relaxed and really got into it. We both are feeling happy and content about the birth after leaving the workshop feeling calm and more knowledgeable. This class really brings couples together and gets you to enjoy those special moments in pregnancy as a couple which are so precious. We both think Alexa is such a lovely teacher and would highly recommend her services she offers.” – Jacqui, January 2019

“This workshop it’s specially important to involve the partner in the pregnancy in a deeper way and create an atmosphere of trust and care. That can be very supportive when at labour, but ultimately it gives the couple a space to reconnect and work as a team.” – Maria, January 2019

“The first time I participated in one of your yoga classes feelings came up from somewhere very deep… it made me cry and I realised I have never been happier before in my life, while dancing… I wanted to share this experience with my partner hence I was extremely happy to find your workshop for couples. I was not afraid of giving birth and the pain it might cause anymore but I needed some practical techniques shown both for me and my partner. We were fully uploaded with deep feelings at the end of the session also armed with useful techniques. I do not know how you do it, but the atmosphere you create is magical 🙂 I am very blissful that I met you before my first labour, can’t be grateful enough!” – Julia, October 2018

“I highly recommend Alexa’s workshop to anyone interested in having a conscious birthing experience, connecting to the inner power and bonding opportunity labour unleashes. It is suited to anyone, whether experienced yogi or complete beginner. The focus is very much on working as a team (you and your birth partner) to go through the experience connecting as partners and with the baby. Alexa is genuine, fun, compassionate and knowledgeable. She is the reassuring presence who helps you become confident you can see the beauty in labour and enjoy the experience. I felt so connected after the workshop that I started having braxton hicks contractions on my way back and my baby was born naturaly 4 days after! After the workshop, my partner had a greater confidence to support me through labour, which in turn helped me trust the process further.” – Magda, May 2018

“The workshop was enjoyable and relaxing and Alexa made us feel comfortable from the start. It filled my husband and I with confidence. My husband now feels he has more tools and tips to work with when I am in labour, and I am so happy and confident knowing that he is aware of what positions/exercises will help me through. We already were a team and in this together, but now we feel even more prepared! Alexa created such a warming, vibrant and relaxing atmosphere, that we both felt relaxed and comfortable – reflecting the way in which we envision ourselves being when the journey of birthing our baby begins! Thank you Alexa!” – Cecilia, May 2018

“Both my husband and I really enjoyed Alexa’s partner yoga class.  For my husband it was a great way for him to get involved; the workshop provided him with a toolkit to help me when I am sore and tight (which I have been throughout pregnancy). I can’t wait to put it all together during labour!!” – Diana, March 2018

“It was lovely to come to the workshop and Davide was also very happy to have done it. I think that you found the way to make Dads feel that they are important and that they can help us, and this way, they are more confident and supportive, otherwise they would probably panic :)” – Elena, August 2017

“Thank you so much for the Sunday workshop, I found it very useful and – just like your classes – also so enjoyable.  My husband also mentioned that he now has a better idea of what will actually happen on the big day and what he can do to help and support.” – Rodica, August 2017

“Thank you for the lovely experience Alexa. After the workshop we left empowered, knowing that we can do this as a team. Although we were 37 weeks at the time and had a fully furnished nursery, the class made us feel closer and more prepared to welcome our sweet daughter.” – Eric and Lelle, August 2017

‘A time to connect amongst mum, dad and baby, a time to relax. Dads learn how to help mums during labour. We should have done this earlier and frequently’ – Claire, July 2017

‘We loved Alexa’s Pregnancy Partner Workshop so much that we went twice! Full of brilliant tips for birth and brought us even closer together. Definitely recommend!’ – Naomi, July 2017

“We really loved the couples workshop – it was fun, informative and inclusive. We left feeling relaxed, grounded and blissfully happy…and slept so well that night! Hoping we can book in again before the birth. Thanks so much again Alexa.” – Hannah, March 2017

“We really enjoyed the workshop- it was the right balance of information, practical and useful techniques, relaxation, fun and social. Is recommend to other couples- in particular those in which the partner is feeling a bit daunted!” – Lucy, November 2016

“A warm-hearted workshop… It was wonderful to physically connect as a partnership in the context of preparing for the birth of our baby, as well as have the emotional space together. The session was full of practical advice and positions… and was delivered in an emotionally supportive environment of joy and optimism” – AH, September 2016

“Alexa, your sessions were the absolute stand out thing in my pregnancy that helped prepare me and my husband for birth and now beyond.” – RA, June 2016