Shared Doula Support

Shared Care Package – £1850

​I currently offer nurturing shared care doula package. That means that we will be 2 doulas looking after you, your needs and wishes. It will always be me and  Thando Zwane ( You will get to know both of us well and we will split our doula support half half. We will initially meet all together online in introductory meeting and if hired, we will then come to you together to understand your wishes and desires in detail. Then either of us will schedule a meeting with you privately to support you further.

As a bonus we also offer one to one online private meeting with each of us to go through different aspects of pregnancy and birth – or maybe you would just like to do relaxations or visualisations to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

So what happens for the birth? I will (for example) be on call for two weeks (38 to 40 weeks) and Thando Zwane will be on call for the rest of the “being on call period” (40 to 42 weeks). Whoever attends your birth will come and see you postnatally and prepare placenta remedies for you (if you would like that).

We believe that that we can really give you the best of both of us so you can feel nurtured and looked after. We share the same doula values and have been working together for few years. We beautifully compliment each other with our knowledge and experience. Between us we do almost anything you can imagine. From pregnancy yoga, to Hypnobirthing, Spinning babies, Rebozo, EFT to pregnancy massage, perinatal psychology and postnatal rituals, breastfeeding support and placenta remedies.

You really have a special opportunity here so if you would like a strong and nurturing birth team, then get in touch!

The summary of our shared care doula package

In pregnancy:

  • Free introductory meeting (1 hour) with both of us
  • One home visit with you, your partner (if you have one) and both of us. This is usually 2 hours session
  • One home visit before the birth with me. Usually a 2 hour session
  • One home visit with Thando. Usually a 2 hour session
  • We will explore your birth preferences and assist you in writing them to add to your notes, learn how to get the best from your midwifes and consultants, explore ways in which your partner can support you and we can support him too, relax, work through any anxieties or issues you may have, discuss your coping techniques for labour, etc.
  • We will be available for you through your pregnancy from the moment you decide to hire us.
  • We also offer a reading list, websites list and useful articles to refer to during your pregnancy

For the birth of your baby we are:

  • On call 24 hours per day for your due period from week 38 until the baby is born
  • During your labour one of us will join you whenever you feel you need a support and accompany you from home to birth centre/hospital or help you bed-down before the midwives arrive if you are planning a  home birth
  • We will offer you continuous emotional, physical and informational support from when we join you in active labour, until you and baby are settled

After the birth:

  • One of us will return to see you. This visit is useful to process your birth experience and offer any other practical, information or emotional assistance you need

  • Support you by phone, email or text, in the early days with questions about the postnatal period, baby and breastfeeding, or other areas for 30 days after your baby was born

  • Online session with the other doula that wasn’t at your birth at your convenience.

If you would like to read more about us: London Bliss Doulas

“Alexa was my doula for the birth of my son, after being highly recommended to me by another yoga teacher. Although I experienced a very rapid labour and birth, Alexa brought an immediate sense of calm and relief to me as she arrived. Hers and Thando’s comprehensive knowledge and emotional support guided me through a slightly complicated pregnancy, providing extensive prenatal and then postnatal support once my baby had arrived. Alexa also kindly gave me a ‘Closing the Bones’ ceremony following the birth which was incredibly therapeutic in every sense – all new mothers need this! I feel very lucky to have been cared for by two doulas who are absolutely top of their game.” – Helena, November 2019