I met a friend a few days before my little boy was born and she mentioned how calm I appeared about the upcoming labour and birth. Looking back, I attribute that calmness to feeling as prepared as possible and part of that preparation was the antenatal yoga I did with Alexa. I used to look forward to my class and being with all the other mums counting down to full term. And I used to love how much better my upper back felt afterwards! Alexa was always kind and interested and each time I went along I felt I was looking after myself and also being looked after.
My son is nearly crawling and I now do yoga with him next to me (for how much longer I don’t know!) At the end of every practice I hold him in my arms and remember when I used to put my hand on my bump at the end of antenatal yoga and I think about what a long way we’ve come. Thank you, Alexa, for some great memories!