“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all your advice during our classes. I honestly had the easiest, most relaxed labour. I could hear your voice in my head throughout and was so calm, little Jonathan nearly arrived at home, then in the taxi.
My waters broke at 05:45, just before Ben’s alarm went off and after the first full nights sleep in weeks. I was examined at 11:00 to confirm my waters had indeed broken, which they had. I was feeling slight contractions and was 2cm dilated at this time. We arrived home at midday and Ben went shopping for lunch! By 13:00 my surges gently started and I went in to my little relaxed bubble and I had 2 paracetamol. By 15:00 I asked for the tens machine, I now know this as being my transition! At 15:30 we called triage as I felt the urge to push! Ben was told to call a taxi and if we couldn’t get one then an ambulance! We arrived at hospital after me telling myself repeatedly not to push. We were examined at 16:00 and were 10cm dilated plus 1 as we were very much crowning. I was put in a wheelchair, taken to a room and literally thrown on all fours. With 3 pushes little Jonathan James was born at 16:08! You were with me all the way Alexa. Thank you so much. We didn’t even have gas and air. We literally rode the surge and breathed our little boy out. I have no idea how many times I heard in my head in your accent ‘with each surge I am one step closer to meeting my baby’. :). You have no idea how much that helped.
By midnight we were home with a beautiful baby boy. I do hope to see you again to thank you in person”