“I’m a big fan of yoga – I teach as well, so it means a lot to me. I tried out a few classes around London to find the right one for me and I stopped at Alexa’s. Her teaching really touched me, wonderful energy and warmth. I had no feeling of being on the London treadmill – the production line was left behind for a while. Alexa creates a space for calm consideration, somewhere to let go and share. Her experience as a doula means that all the movements she incorporates to her classes will serve you during birth as well and because she knows what your body and mind will go through her sensitive targets make everything feel really great. I recommended her to my antenatal class and my midwives and friends who were pregnant too and everyone who went loved it too. So treat yourself 😉 Don’t just stop at the nearest yoga class you find – it might be worth seeking out one of these classes… Congratulations and good luck from another new mother!”