Alexa Dean

Online Baby Massage

This  class emphasises connection and presence between mum/dad/carer and baby. Alexa is one of most loved online Baby Massage teachers. She highlights the use techniques to relax the baby’s diaphragm for full and efficient breathing. Also suggests movement to bring flexibility to hips and shoulders; strengthen baby’s back, arms and legs in preparation for sitting and standing.

All of this happens in an atmosphere of loving, joyful play. Above all it’s a time for you to be fully present with and enjoy your baby at the comfort of your own home.

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Why Choose Alexa’s Online Baby Massage Classes?

Alexa provides a relaxed and supportive space for dedicated parent and baby time, learning a valuable skill for life to support you and your baby. Alexa studied with Peter Walker an is a certified Developmental Baby Massage Therapist. She is also a certified Nurturing Baby Massage having studied with Bryony Vickers  from Birthlight.

“Touch is like food to your baby”

Baby Massage can help:
– Strengthen baby-parent communication
– Enhance your understanding of baby’s development
– Boost self-esteem and confidence in parenting
– Relax parent and baby
– Transform baby’s brain
– Encourage a deeper sleep for baby
– Relieve wind, colic and constipation
– Reduce crying
– Helps mum avoid postnatal depression

What people say about Alexa’s Classes?

“Best baby massage class in London, you are amazing Alexa!” – Alex

“Thank you for all these precious moment of love and peacefulness. I will keep such a fond memory of your classes!” – Alexia

Mummy & Me (Dads too!) Yoga Chelsea

Alexa teaches this class at triyoga Chelsea located at World’s End of King’s Road in Chelsea.

Postnatal yoga classes are a great way to heal, strengthen and nurture yourself without needing a babysitter. Bring your little one along for some parent-baby bonding and be part of a community of new parents. Class includes yoga and baby massage.

Why Choose Alexa’s Postnatal Yoga Classes?

Alexa trained with world renowned teachers. She is also one of most trusted doulas in London having assisted more than 65 births since she started in November 2013.

In her classes Alexa teaches a combination of yoga postures and movements to create comfort and gain strength and tone in your body. These classes are gentle and informal and no previous experience is required. You’ll bond with your baby sharing yoga together, having fun singing and dancing!

What people say about Alexa’s classes

Renata, August 2018

I just want to let you know how amazing I find your classes. I loved coming to your prenatal ones and I love coming to your Mummy + Me classes. I think you are an amazing yoga teacher. I love your energy and the energy of your class, how you embrace motherhood and femininity in general. Your class is exactly what I expect from a yoga class with babies. It’s a perfect balance of yoga for me, my baby and the baby massage is such a bonus!!! I had no idea it was part of the class 🙂 As you say at the beginning of the class, it’s hard for the babies to keep attention for such a long time and it’s great you give us the opportunity to interact with our babies, to entertain them, to assure them we are there for them as part of your class while still focusing on the mums as well.

Join Alexa’s Mum and Baby  yoga classes

Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:00
triyoga Shoreditch
Unit 2, 10 Cygnet Street
E1 6GW

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Mondays 11:00-12:15
triyoga Camden
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