Teacher Training

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

with Alexa Dean

16–19 & 24-26 September 2021
The Shala

I am running a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at The Shala, London on 15-18 & 24-26 September 2021. This comprehensive Yoga Alliance Certified training helps teachers enhance  their skills to confidently and responsibly serve their pregnancy and postnatal community while improving their marketability as a yoga teacher.

This Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training offers a balanced mix of theory, holistic, technical, practical and spiritual approach providing students with valuable knowledge and tools to teach yoga to pregnant women safely and confidently. Sessions are both in-Studio and Livestreamed. It also includes self-paced online independent study combining Childbirth Education, Community and Asana & Pranayama Practice. It is ideal for qualified yoga teachers, recent teacher training graduates or those still completing their yoga teacher training who want to specialise in pregnancy yoga. This training is also beneficial for keen yoga practitioners who are pregnant, birthkeepers, doulas and midwives to enhance your professional skills and build a new career path.

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“First of all a huge thank you again for letting me take your classes!! I had so much fun and I really liked the flow you teach. Especially the dancing at the end of each class brought me to so much joy, I could feel the energy the rest of my day. I loved that you begin and close your classes with check-ins and that you really take the time to let your students share… I could really feel how much your students trust you and your knowledge. I am in awe with the space you create in your classes. From the first moment I joined your class I felt welcomed and like it was a safe space to explore my body through movement, without judgement or pressure. It was also really impressive seeing how easy it was for you to answer questions or give home-made remedies for different pregnancy ailments. It really shows that you know what you are doing and the knowledge you have accumulated over the years through your work and education it is astounding and worth so much! I know if I were pregnant I’d feel 100% safe going to your classes. Thank you for sharing your gifts as a teacher and doula with the world and thank you for letting me have a glimpse at your work!” – Leonie, February 2021 (Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainee in Austria)