Physical & Emotional Tools for Labour & Birth

This workshop will help couples connect deeply with their baby, during such a significant and intense time of their lives. It’s also a sweet way to connect with your partner – whether your partner is a spouse, sister, mother, doula or friend!

Using yoga poses, partnering poses, massage techniques, and breath and alignment exercises, the birthing-partner will learn how to best support the birthing woman during labour. They’ll learn how to help relieve aches and discomfort using their own body, and other props often helpful in childbirth.

Couples will have the chance to:

  • Learn gentle yoga postures with an emphasis on working in pair
  • Work together as they might in labour
  • Learn breathing and massage and touch techniques useful for pregnancy, and labour
  • Learn movements and positions for labour and birth
  • Learn and understand birth as a sexual event
  • Enjoy a bonding meditation and visualization with your baby

No yoga experience is necessary. The workshop is perfect for all trimesters, experience levels, and body sizes. Couples are encouraged to come to the workshop 2 or 3 times to consolidate learning and continue to build connection and trust.

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful birth workshop that my husband and I attended with you Alexa. We just had our baby boy and all went really well. We used many of the techniques and massages from the session and had a positive and empowering experience” – Lauren

“My partner and i attended Alexa’s holistic birthing workshop and it was an incredible experience. Alexa is a truly unique guide. We learnt about several positions for labour, how your partner can support you and even what to pack for the big day. It instilled a sense of calm and knowing, helping us tap into our intuition. I will be attending another one nearer the time!” – Kat

“Coming to the workshop with my partner was the perfect thing to prepare for us for our upcoming first baby in one month. Before doing the birth rehearsal, my partner wouldn’t have known what to do with himself while I’m in labour and now we both feel confident that he will be able to physically, as well as emotionally support me through the contractions. I’m almost excited for labour so we can put the techniques in place!  Thank you for holding this space for us.” – Tierney

“The couple’s workshop has equipped my birth partner and I with invaluable tools to use during labour. It was also a lovely opportunity for us to connect with each other and our baby and understand the importance of both our roles in the birth of our baby. We left feeling more connected and confident that we can work together to have a positive birth for our baby. We will definitely attend again to consolidate what we learnt.” – Tilly




Group session in-person £125 per couple (2.5hrs)

Private 1:2:1 workshop at your home – £180 (2hrs)


Please use comfortable clothes for movement.
Please bring with you a water bottle to refill


Check out my schedule to book yourself in for the next available workshop.

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