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Peace on earth begins with birth - Jeanine Parvati Baker

As a woman, you hold the power of creation.


Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful and magical experiences in a woman’s life. But it can also be incredibly overwhelming at times, and it’s important to feel supported. I provide holistic pregnancy and postnatal support to pregnant women and mothers across London.

I’ve had the honour and the privilege to support over 110 births since becoming a doula back in 2013, and I’m always inspired by the inner strength and resilience that you, as birthing mothers, hold within. Whether I’m working with you as a doula, yoga teacher, hypnobirthing educator, massage therapist, or with any of the rituals or ceremonies I offer, my aim is to make your pregnancy journey the wonderful, positive experience it should be.

Scroll down to explore some of the key ways I can help facilitate your journey, or check out my Work With Me page for my full range of services.


Birth Doula

A doula is simply a non-medical person who protects the birth environment. Having a doula has been shown to shorten labour, reduce medical interventions, and strengthen mother-infant bonding.

My job is to support you in whatever way you need. And I give it all with an open mind and an open heart. I’m not there to judge you, influence you or tell you what to do. I’m there to listen, inform and encourage you to embrace pregnancy and childbirth with trust in your body and confidence in your choices.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga can play a key role in a healthy and happy pregnancy for both Mum and baby. You’ll feel calmer, more mobile and more in touch with your baby as you prepare for birth.

It also facilitates the healing of both the body and mind after childbirth. It helps to rebuild your flexibility and strength, eases stress, and encourages deep bonding with your newborn baby.

My classes incorporate a range of Hatha Yoga traditions, but my approach to yoga is non-dogmatic.  The vibe is upbeat, nurturing and friendly with lots of warmth and good humour.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Not only will it relax your muscles and feel amazing, prenatal massage has also been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve aches and pains, and improve sleep. It can even help you have an easier birth.

I use a combination of techniques from Holistic Massage, Shiatsu and Rebozo to help you feel more comfortable, relaxed and ready for birth.


Hypnobirthing empowers you to a have a positive, life-changing birth experience no matter what happens on the day.

It teaches you to trust the natural process of birth by learning how your birthing muscles work, and gives you the tools to remain calm and in control during labour. Free of the fear, tension and anxiety that can prevent your birthing body from functioning as nature intended.

Want to know more? Get in touch to discuss how I can help, or check out my full range of services in Work With Me.

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

– Enhance your skills

– Confidently serve your pregnancy community

– Improve your marketability as a yoga teacher



In association with The Shala, South London


Pregnancy Yoga Video

Practice daily from the comfort of your own home for only £15




Holistic Birth Journey - a Couples Workshop

Prepare for birth with this fun, practical workshop, where you’ll:

– Build connection with your birthing partner

– Learn to work together as you might in labour

– Learn breathing, massage and touch techniques useful for pregnancy and labour

– Learn movements and positions for labour and birth


Gift Vouchers

Treat someone special to a bit of relaxation and pampering with a voucher for any of my classes or treatments.




“When it came to giving birth Alexa arrived at my house the moment I needed her, got me to hospital (there’s no way I’d have made it there without her), and stayed with me for many, many hours to welcome my daughter into the world. In short I would have been totally lost without Alexa, and can’t thank her enough for making it as positive and “normal” a process as possible. Alexa is clearly very passionate about, and incredibly knowledgeable on, the wellbeing and happiness of women and babies, but also of families overall and humans in general. She is a truly wonderful woman.” – Rebecca


“I only met Alexa late on in my pregnancy but she guided me through my anxieties and filled my partner and I with a confidence that led to what was a truly unexpected transcendental birth! Even though we were online I felt a deep understanding and support which gave me strength. Thank you!” – Clementine

“I went to Alexa’s classes from the middle of my pregnancy and with my son after he was born. Both Pregnancy and the Baby + Mums classes have helped me feel good in my body, connect with my child and meet other mums. I also did a hypnobirthing workshop with my partner which allowed us to feel ready and confident about the birth. Alexa brings so much kindness and warm, positive energy. I feel grateful for her classes and recommend them strongly.” – Pauline 


“I’ve known Alexa for a few years among birth Doula circles and yet didn’t have the pleasure of receiving her massage and physical therapy until this pregnancy. Alexa has a wealth of experience. She uses techniques which are excellent at helping to relax pregnant and birthing women and to balance and create a good space for babies to navigate their way into the world.” – Sophie        

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