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“Alexa is so welcoming and experienced. From a male perspective she’s really inclusive, she also made my girlfriend instantly comfortable and confident as an advocate. Alexa has been so supportive every step of the way making our birth team complete. All the classes, pre birth and post birth elements were so important to us creating a very positive birth experience. I would highly recommend particularly to first time couples, it was the best choice we made in the build up to the birth. Big thank you again Alexa from our family!” – Mark, Priya and Sonny Jai x

“Alexa has been an angel since pregnancy, but especially during birth and post-birth. feel she is the mother of the mothers.  During pregnancy her massages helped me relax and disconnect from any pre birth anxiety. The work she does with rebozo is very traditional and has certainly affected the position of baby and facilitated birth. We also did a couples’ workshop and a meditation to prepare for the birth – both were very important to keep oxytocin levels high. During labour she was a friend, sister and mother – everything you need a doula to be. We’ve made a beautiful natural scan painting together and she kept me relaxed with her blessed hands and rebozo. On top of all this, she managed to make the most beautiful images of my daughter’s birth. It was a water birth at home and thanks to Alexa, I have incredible photos and videos of such important moment. Post-birth her closing of the bones ceremony was all I needed to deeply connect with the rite of birth and welcome my new life as a mother of two. This ceremony includes a beautiful bath with herbs and a home made temazcal that awaked all my chakras. Her womb massage was very healing post-birth. She also helped us to make a beautiful ritual of burning the cord and I am now benefiting from her placenta remedies. It is difficult to put in words what all this work meant to me. I will be forever thankful for all the care and love she offered to me and my family. She helped us all to overcome many fears and helped me especially to better connect with my strength as women.” – Fe

“Having Alexa was a true gift during the pregnancy and birth. We found working with Alexa empowering and truly supportive. Her dedication, wisdom and knowledge coupled with her experience helped us immensely. I hope particularly appreciated her classes which also has a fun element to it! Dancing to Bob Marley will always be a memory that makes me smile” – Tina

“Meeting Alexa has completely transformed my experience of pregnancy and the delivery of our little girl! I came across Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes after trying a couple of other classes. Her style is the perfect combination of dynamic flows and joyful moving meditation and dances to connect with your growing bump. Alexa creates a safe space to also share your mood, questions, concerns or just your experience of pregnancy during the check in at the start of every class. I’ve been looking forward to each class and always left feeling energised and empowered that I could safely birth my baby. Meeting Alexa completely changed my outlook on how I wanted to give birth and we ended up asking her to be our doula and to be with us during the delivery. This is the best decision we ever made. Along the way Alexa shared with us lots of insights on the birthing process and on our options to help us think about our birth plan. On the day she’s been absolutely amazing, strong, comforting, calming for both myself and my partner. We stayed home as much as possible dealing with the growing surges and arrived right on time at the hospital to deliver our baby girl Violette in the pool to the sound of Bob Marley thanks to Alexa’s playlist! I can’t recommend enough to try Alexa’s classes!” – Stephanie

“Alexa has the most nurturing, supportive and maternal vibration to her – I’m so grateful that she was able to be my doula. The generosity with which she tended to mine and my family’s needs was so touching. She helped my 6 year old daughter to feel a part of the process and even gave her a massage on one of her visits to our home. Throughout my pregnancy I felt her presence in exactly the right degree. I attended her antenatal yoga class every Sunday, and she visited me often to check in – there was a lot of emotional support, as well as physically helping to prepare my body for birth, including some baby turning techniques. When it came to birthtime, it was 2.5 days from waters breaking until baby Ayo arrived, and Alexa was with me the whole time. She was incredibly intuitive and respectful to my needs. When I needed support, she was close by. When I needed to be alone, she gave me space. Her attention to detail, communication with the hospital staff and her tireless safeguarding of my experience, allowed me to focus on and enjoy bringing my baby earth side. Thank you sister for being such a crucial part of our story.” – Nikita

“Alexa was an immense help in both planning for, and then going through with, the birth of my daughter. Prior to meeting up with Alexa I was not very informed or prepared at all about the whole process due to having a very busy job and being single, and as such feeling a little uneasy about everything. However Alexa was incredibly calm and understanding and ensured that I really was thoroughly prepared both practically and psychologically. When it came to giving birth Alexa arrived at my house the moment I needed her, got me to hospital (there’s no way I’d have made it there without her), and stayed with me for many, many hours to welcomed my daughter into the world.  In short I would have been totally lost without Alexa, and can’t thank her enough for making it as positive and “normal” a process as possible. Alexa is clearly very passionate about and incredibly knowledgeable on the wellbeing and happiness of women and babies, but also of families overall and humans in general. She is a truly wonderful woman.” – Rebecca

“Alexa made my pregnancy and birth experience smoother and happier. I enjoyed her yoga sessions a lot. Her advise on pregnancy and labour was really useful, and her support during the birth was amazing: she helped me manage the pain, think positive and laugh plus took some amazing pictures which we are very happy to have. I would recommend having her around to any mum to be!” – Andrea


“I’ve known Alexa for a few years among birth Doula circles and yet didn’t have the pleasure of receiving her massage and physical therapy until this pregnancy. Alexa has a wealth of experience. She uses techniques which are excellent at helping to relax pregnant and birthing women and to balance and create a good space for babies to navigate their way into the world.” – Sophie

“It was wonderful – very relaxing and a lovely way for me to take some time to connect with my baby and hopefully help to inspire him to turn around too!” – Abi

“Alexa came to my house to give me a pregnancy massage as I reached 39 weeks. It was the most wonderfully relaxing experience both physically and psychologically. Alexa is so intuitive that the pressure was always perfect and the combination of massage with stretching that she used made it even more effective. I was left feeling so happy, relaxed and cared for.” – Helena

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for that incredible, transformative massage! Your kindness, warm energy and gentle therapeutic touch are just what my body needed.” – Emery


“I just wanted to tell you how incredible I think your classes are. I am a Midwife at King’s Hospital, and before I attended your classes I was finding it difficult to allow time to care for myself and connect to my pregnancy. However from the first session I attended I immediately felt grounded, centred and at peace. I have a natural tendency and interest in meditation and nature which I found useful to practice with an App through my pregnancy, but your classes took this to another level for me. I felt there was such a nice balance of talking / meditation / breathing exercises and movement. After each class I felt rejuvenated, centred as one with my body and my baby. I ahh’d ooo’d and shhh’d my way through labour just like you had shown us, that alone got me through the hardest parts. I look back on my labour as one of the most intense but spiritual and wonderful experiences of my life and a lot of this is dow to your classes”  – Vicky

“Having practiced yoga for 10 years and taught for 5, when I found out I was pregnant I was really keen to find a teacher to guide me through safe movement during pregnancy. A bonus of lockdown was, due to all the online content, I was able to try a variety of teachers and honestly struck gold with Alexa! Her classes are warm, fun and accessible to all levels. Her session not only accommodate the changes in the body but she also offers tips to help alleviate any pregnancy related ailments. She encourages a connection between you and your baby, nurtures trust in your bodies ability to birth and each session ends with uplifting movement to music. I cannot praise her and her wonderful classes enough!” – Pippa

 “I have done your pregnancy class (almost) every week since I was about 16 weeks pregnant – I am now nearly 34 weeks – and l have loved it. I always come away with a huge smile on my face (particularly after the dancing), feeling energised and I find that I get much less discomfort at night when I have done your class in the morning.” – Katherine

“Dear Alexa, we wanted to let you know that our son Otis arrived on January 24, very calm and healthy!! We had a lovely calm and relaxed birth experience, everything went the way we had hoped.  Thank you very much for all your great help to achieve this, even though we hardly used your partner tools, as Otis was very keen to arrive quickly at the end. I won’t complain about this. Your support during yoga and meditation classes was such an important help to get me in the right mindset for birth! I can’t wait to join your prenatal yoga together with our little boy. Thank you so much.” – Marieke

“I love her approach, it is so different from yoga and pregnancy yoga classes I have done before. I have often generally found a lot of yoga classes a little on the dry side sadly. A bit on the religious side with chanting or repeating words that don’t really mean anything personal… Alexa’s approach is very fresh, alive and spiritual. Almost transcendent… She has a strong connection with Music which she plays during her classes (or encourages you to play if the class is online).

She also teaches in a very Feminine way. Incorporating dance! It feels like she shares her heart and soul when she teaches. She has a beautiful energy. Being a doula means she really understand Woman nature. I would totally recommend Alexa’s classes.” – Pauline

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know my beautiful boy Louis arrived on 26th May at home in the birth pool as we had hoped for. My labour was very calm at home & once again I found your pregnancy yoga class an invaluable tool to empower me to keep calm and focused in labour and also to stay positive in the 9 days he was overdue. We also ended up using your Spotify playlist which the midwives commented on what a lovely playlist it was. Having moved from London since attending your class in my first pregnancy I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to enjoy it again virtually and to have also had the experience with my sister Laura who lives in north London, a definite positive for me from Covid19 lockdown and classes being moved online. A big thank you again to your wonderful class and your positive energy!” – Mel

“I’ve been attending Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes and they have been an absolute bliss! I love the balanced combination of relaxation, stretching, working the body, breathing, preparing mind and body for birth, connecting with the baby and getting more confident, calm and happy after every class. It’s so much more than just a regular yoga class! Thank you, Alexa x” – Austeja

“I love Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes. She’s always calm, kind and full of joy, which comes across really clearly even through the Zoom classes. I feel like she really listens to each person during the check in and offers helpful, non-judgemental advice from her wealth of experience, without being preachy. Her classes are easy to follow, and can easily be dialled up or down with the dynamism depending on how I’m feeling on the day. The classes follow a similar basic structure each week, but with plenty of variation in the practices to keep things interesting.

One of my favourite parts is the free dancing we do towards the end, when Alexa puts on a great dancing tune and you can just let your body move however it wants. It’s a brilliant way to unwind, connect with the baby and just forget about everything else in the world for a few minutes! I would highly recommend Alexa’s classes to all expectant mothers.” – Bridget

“I’ve done pregnancy yoga with Alexa since I was about 20 weeks pregnant and really loved her way of teaching: it was always calm, empowering and fun! Alexa gives great tips and tools for pregnancy and birth and also makes you feel confident as a woman that we’re built to bring babies into the world. My baby is now 1 week old and I look forward to baby yoga and massage with Alexa!” – Danielle

“So glad I found Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes so early on in my first pregnancy (14 weeks). I really look forward to joining and always feel a million times better afterwards – calmer, more mobile and more in touch with my baby. Dancing with my baby is my particular highlight! Enjoyed the in person classes in Jan / Feb and the online ones have been amazing during lockdown. Couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you so much Alexa!” – Rebecca

“I’ve done pregnancy yoga with Alexa since I was about 20 weeks pregnant and really loved her way of teaching: it was always calm, empowering and fun! Alexa gives great tips and tools for pregnancy and birth and also makes you feel confident as a woman that we’re built to bring babies into the world. My baby is now 1 week old and I look forward to baby yoga and massage with Alexa!” – Vera

“After trying out lots of local pregnancy yoga classes I settled on Alexa’s as I found it to be the perfect mix of deep stretching, sage advice, conscious breathing and best of all, joyful dancing! It is also a great opportunity to check in and connect with other local mums in these strange times.”Naomi

“Alexa is simply brilliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wonderful, calm and confident way of teaching. Her classes are so much more than just about yoga and she has a great sense of inclusiveness. She makes you feel uplifted, invigorated and yet totally relaxed and tension-free. Her classes were always the highlight of my week when I was pregnant.” – Steph

“Alexa, thank you so much for everything. Your classes have been such an important part of my journey to becoming a mother. Your pregnancy yoga class, not only helped me stay strong and supple during pregnancy but gave me a sense of calm and wellbeing. You gave me courage and strength to face giving birth head on and I used your breathing techniques and mantras to get me through the contractions. Your couples workshop was great for my partner, giving him practical tips to help me during birth, keeping me calm and feeling supported. And the postnatal yoga helped me get back to feeling myself but most importantly a really lovely bonding experience every week for me and my baby. I miss you!” – Gemma

“Pregnancy yoga is not just an exercise, it makes a huge difference to be in a room with other pregnant women in a supportive and gentle atmosphere. I always look forward to Sunday class at triyoga Shoreditch with Alexa. Her approach is playful and intuitive, and it really makes me relax and go deeper inside myself. Her classes give me confidence in my own body and it’s ability to birth. I have thought I have been particularly good at yoga, but pregnancy yoga is a completely different thing. It’s about listening to your body and using movements in a supportive way.” – Anya

“I can’t tell you how useful the dancing was in my intense early labour phase.  The only way I could handle the intensity of the contractions was on my feet, so I danced in my bedroom to Bob Marley for over 12 hours. It was the only way I could find any relief.  Also, the breathing, particularly the sighing for me was what I did for every contraction is that 48 hour period, I found it was the only way I could ensure that I was breathing. While the labour was more intense than I could have possible imagined, the baby stayed calm throughout and I ended up having a natural water birth with no tearing. The actual pushing phase only took 10 minutes and she came out perfectly happy and healthy. Thanks again, I feel like your classes got me through this, not sure what I would have done otherwise.” – Gemma

Hi Alexa, just wanted to share with you that I had my ‘little’ girl, Rose (weighing 8lb9oz) on Saturday! I managed to labour at home for several hours with only a TENS machine and all your wonderful yoga poses etc. and then went to Kings for a water birth and Rose made her appearance after only 3 hours of us being in hospital. I am convinced I couldn’t have done this without what I learnt in your classes and your help and support, and just wanted to say a big thank you.” – Kay

“Dear Alexa, I feel very fortunate to discover your pregnancy yoga classes, which I believe played a huge role in our successful pregnancy and birth. Keep doing what you are doing and many more moms will be happy! Thank you so very much!” – Ruta

“I hope this finds you well! I have been meaning to send you an email for some time now but the last ten days have been a blur and I haven’t quite found the time to sit down and write to you.

As I write, my little daughter Greta is asleep in her Moses basket beside me. I still can’t quite believe she is here!

Thank you so much for your guidance over the past six months. The exercises and breathing and perineal massage advice were what got me there in the end – I don’t think I would have coped with the labour without being able to channel what we had covered in your yoga classes. Ten days on, I’m feeling so much better. I know the classes have also helped with my post-natal recovery. Many thanks again and very best wishes.” – Aislinn

“Just a quick note to say thank you – I attended your Sunday pregnancy yoga sessions in shoreditch and couples yoga session. I gave birth to the beautiful Otto on 7th August – I honestly don’t think we could have done it without using all the skills I acquired in your sessions – the movement, breathing and very importantly the mindset. I had an extremely positive birth, even though it started with a gel induction and I was on the ward (rather than the planned birthing centre). I also managed to not tear (!!), which the midwives put down to my controlled breathing and pushing. Thank you! Anyway, thanks again and I hope all is well with you. I look forward to joining your baby yoga sessions once Otto is 40 days” – Kathy

“We had our baby on Sunday 22nd July! He was 11 days early, and is doing so well. I was fortunate to have the water birth I planned for, carrying him out of the water, and delayed cord clamping gave us wonderful skin on skin time and our first feed.
I can honestly say thanks to your yoga classes and the couples yoga class Matt and I went to, we had this magical birth. The continuous movement and changing of positions was amazing through early labour plus continuous breathing techniques/exercises helped me throughout. Thank you. Thank you.”
– Cecilia

“Dearest Alexa, I have been meaning to get in touch with you about the birth of our beautiful baby boy! Luca James William Parsons arrived on 25th May at 10.17am. He is absolute bliss and we feel like my lives have just begun! I want to thank you for your inspiration and kindness, I used the hypnobirthing throughout my labour and it definitely gave me focus. I had a positive experience at C&W, the care we received was amazing, and the tens machine was all I needed through contractions. A godsend! I also thought of your mothers prayer and yoga techniques/dancing throughout my pregnancy.. And even now postnatally. Sending all our love from Luca, James and I xxx” – Monica

“Alexa, Te quería contar que el 15/04 (domingo de la semana pasada) nació Oliver con 3,5kg. El parto siguió lo que tenía escrito en mi plan y tus movimientos de la clase me ayudaron muchísimo! Empecé con dolores tipo periodo a las 6am pero empecé a sentir contracciones a las 8am recién. Para la 1pm no podía hablar más entre contracciones y fuimos al hospital, ya tenía 7cm de dilatación! Apenas me podían revisar porque tenía contracciones cada menos de dos minutos. En esa etapa la meditación fue clave para no desesperarme. Había pedido water birth y las dos piscinas estaban libres así que tuve suerte. Después de dos horas en la piscina ya estaba totalmente dilatada pero me relajaba demasiado, al punto que lograba dormitar entre contracciones y las contracciones empezaron a espaciar más. Me pidieron salir y fue inmediato, una contracción atrás de otra, y luego de una hora de pujar, Oliver estaba en mis brazos  Durante la segunda etapa meditar fue imposible porque un instinto animal se apoderó de mí y mi mente estaba en blanco. Lo único que mi cuerpo hacia era pujar y hacer los movimientos que aprendimos en tu clase. Durante las tres horas de trabajo de parto en el hospital me ofrecieron gas pero no lograba digerir nada, todo me hacía vomitar así que fue un parto 100% libre de drogas. Oliver estaba sosteniendo su cabecita con la mano (lo sigue haciendo hoy todo el tiempo!!!) y eso me causo un pequeño tear pero los masajes de perineo fueron claves para que no fuera más serio. Lo que aprendí con Gowri y el gentle Birth Method se complemento muchísimo con tu filosofía y en conclusión todo ayudó a tener una experiencia distinta y nada traumática. Por favor contale a las chicas que tener un parto distinto se puede y lo mejor de todo es que tengo un chiquitín al lado mío qué es lo mejor de la vida. Te mando muchos besos y GRACIAS por tu energía y todo lo que me enseñaste.” – Romina

“I wanted to thank you for being an excellent yoga and hypnobirthing teacher-your approach to it all and style of teaching, your general gentle and relaxed and positive demeanour were a really important element of my mental preparations-I kept thinking about birthing my baby gently and that every birth is right for every person, and I was in control. My only regret was that I was busy so many Sundays when I had to miss your class!! But I’m glad I made it for one last one last week-I’m sure that helped too!! Thank you Alexa-you’re brilliant and really inspirational. I will now look forward to you mum and baby classes!!” – Helen

“I just wanted to thank you for your classes – particularly the couples yoga class. I came to your class at the Shala quite frequently throughout my pregnancy, as well as practicing daily yoga at home, and I’m sure yoga was the main reason I had a simple pregnancy and a labour for which I needed no pain relief, despite it lasting 35 hours. Baby Ramona was born on 30/11 weighing 8lb 9 oz and we are both very grateful to you.” – Rose

“Sharing the news! Thank you for your role in our wonderful birth! I have loved the pregnancy classes and especially the sharing of information. So so helpful to be aware of choices during the whole process. THANK YOU!” – Chloe

“Hi Alexa, I wanted to let you know that our perfect daughter, Maisie Alice, was born this morning! 3.4kg and we are both doing well.

At first it was mentally tricky- although I had persuaded her to turn anterior last week, it started with 26 hours of contractions 5-8 mins apart with no pattern, until about 2am today! Then waters broke, and everything sped up like crazy… we got to Lewisham birth centre just in time at 7cm, I jumped in the pool, and sampled some delightful gas and air as it was time to push! She was super relaxed when she came out into the water, it was so amazing.

I could not have got through those irregular contractions at home without you… your classes really helped teach me how to take things one step at a time and the different positions were so useful. Hope to see you at a mum & baby yoga class soon!” – Sarah

“I wanted to get in touch to say thank you for the advice in the class! I had my second baby on the 10th Aug and your words of wisdom in the class really helped! I listened to one of the tracks you used (I am) during my labour and remembered your tip about dancing which really helped me to focus and relax. My little girl arrived via a water delivery after a 10 hour drug free labour just as I’d hoped. My first born was a forceps delivery after 36 hours and I’d done a hypnobirthing course prior to this which helped but it was a completely different experience to my second birth. I have been meaning to drop an email as the one class I had with you made a real impact and your advice was great! Thank you!” – Karlie

“I found your yoga classes in the run up to the birth incredibly helpful and your couples course, I did so many of the techniques we learnt whilst labouring. I felt really well informed and able to make decisions without needing the staff to explain things. It meant I didn’t find any of the changes and decisions stressful and I was able to have the calm birth I wanted. We are really enjoying being on cloud 9 in the new born bubble, getting to know each other. I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you! Many thanks!” – Pippa

“Hi Alexa! We welcomed our daughter Evelyn into the world – and I wanted to thank you so much for all your advice during our yoga classes. I used so much of it during labour – all of the breathing exercises, as well as lots of the positions – and it meant I was able to stay at home until I was 7cm which felt like an achievement!  Your classes were wonderful during pregnancy, and proved invaluable during labour. Thank you.” – Amy

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the past few pregnancy yoga sessions that I’ve attended at Evolve with you. I really enjoyed the classes – they were so relaxing and taught me lots of helpful stretches – I always feel MUCH better on a Monday night thanks to you! Thanks again, and hope to see you again in the future – I will also recommend your class to my friends who are expecting.” – Elizabeth

“Dear Alexa, I’ve been wanting to write to you for months!
I gave birth to a baby boy ‘Reef’ end if August 2016. It was an unplanned home birth, and it was a beautiful experience, and I feel I have you (and my wonderful midwife and husband) to thank for that.

I was nervous about the birth because I had a negative experience with my first, Leila. It was a very medicated birth and we felt we lost all control over the way things happened unfortunately. I had a few panic attacks with the second, but attending your class every week helped me so much. Not only to relax, but also to gain confidence and empowerment. Your energy and constant mantras are beautiful successfully convinced me that I can do this positively and all will be OK.

That 3 minutes exercise was super useful! I used the way we learned to breathe during labour and sincerely felt I was in control of the contraction (to a certain extent of course it was still hard work  ). And when I gave birth I was in a position that we practiced together and so my body felt comfortable with the way I moved etc..
Although our plan was to go to the midwife lead unit I just felt things were progressing too fast and felt comfortable to stay at home. I was with the ‘birch tree’ team, don’t know if you know them but Paola was great and so positive, and it was all done in 3 1/2 hours, and a 4.3kg little Reef!

Anyway I really just wanted to thank you with all my heart for your contribution in this, it would not have been the same without you. Much love x”. – Dia

“Baby Anna Clementine arrived on 1st December which was actually her due date. We had decided to keep our options open and hired a birthing pool in case we wanted to stay at home but in my rational mind I thought we might always end up at the midwife led unit at Kings. In the end the decision was made for us!

My labour started at 1am and for the first four hours I sat on my birthing pool and we watched some TV. I was able to use my Hypnobirthing and yoga breathing to feel very relaxed during this time. When things became more active I got in the bath and stayed there for a few hours. Things then became very intense very quickly and between 7am and 8.30am my surges were coming every other minute. I was on all fours hissing and horse lipping which helped me remain really calm. I kept thinking in my mind the line you say in your little poem ‘help me to surrender to the power of birth’ and I just let go. We called the midwife and she could hear me and told me husband to start setting up the pool. When she arrived I was still on all fours and she just sat outside the room and listened to me. At this point I was feeling the urge to push and there was no way I was going to hospital! I got in the pool around 9.30am and by this time the other midwife arrived and they both just sat outside our lounge and I went with my feelings to push. They did listen to baby and me when they needed to but it actually was very intimate with me and my husband. About 90 mins later Anna was born!
I can honestly say I enjoyed labour and felt so calm throughout. I was able to squat and open my hips really widely in the pool because I’d been active throughout my pregnancy. This paid off as Anna was 9lbs 11oz and whilst I did have some tearing I came off well.

It has been amazing meeting other ladies at your classes and you really instilled me with the confidence to be calm and embrace pregnancy and labour with excitement.
Hope to come to your baby massage classes in the New Year. Much love.”
– Tilly

“We’re delighted to welcome a little girl into our family. Eve was born on Wednesday night, weighing 7lbs 8.5oz. My partner finally consented to a home birth. I rested in the afternoon, had supper with my parents, watched some tv, had a bath, and she was born. At one point in the bath I thought this was a really beautiful way to give birth – a candle, some yoga birthing music, my husband by my side. The transition from opening to wanting to push was much quicker than expected and my waters broke, I got out of the bath and within 10 mins she popped out. It was so quick unfortunately my husband was on the phone trying to rush the midwife here. And because they weren’t here the paramedics had to be called. So it wasn’t a terribly peaceful end, and not ideal for my husband, but I never felt out of control or anxious. It was amazing to catch her (I was standing up) and to be in our bed afterwards with her. I used the hissing noise on all fours for the opening phase, and the vowels on all fours in the bath when it got more intense. Thank you – I didn’t manage to use my breathing techniques much last time (which was still a lovely, natural birth, but I didn’t feel on top of it) – and these were perfect. I really enjoyed your classes (and in the dark with the lights the room felt so nurturing and womb-like!) You’re a font of knowledge and a great advocate for having (or trying to have) the birth you want. Thank you.” – Lucy

“Alexa, your classes were the absolute stand out thing in my pregnancy that helped prepare me and my husband for birth and now beyond. Thanks to your weekly advice and sharing of your experience we were able to navigate through the tough decisions with confidence.

Only a day after you told us about the transition stage being the hardest- (it being the point at which when I would doubt myself and ask for an epidural and my husband would look at me at see my fear) did it happen to us. And thanks to your sharing of your experience was I able to prepare him, and he able to in turn, keep me breathing through the pain on all fours on the floor. We couldn’t thank you enough!” – Rachel

“Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes have been truly inspiration for me in this special time. I have felt the benefits on all levels, mind, body and soul. Alexa teaches with passion, knowledge and love for what it truly means to be a woman and a mother, with honesty and openness to help guide you through the journey of pregnancy and into birthing your child, in whatever space that may be – so that you are educated, informed and relaxed.” – Liz

“Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes provided so much more than I expected to gain; discussing various experiences of pregnancy and our expectations of giving birth we got lots of advice and guidance as well as a really enjoyable and soothing yoga practice which was varied and dealt with all the aches and pains of pregnancy. I always left the class on a high and I feel it was big factor in my thoroughly enjoying my pregnancy.” – Sharice

“I’d never done yoga before pregnancy but after my first class at 16 weeks I was hooked. Alexa creates such an enjoyable experience from the lighting and the music in the room to a relaxed atmosphere where you can interact with other ladies in all stages of pregnancy, and start to connect with your baby. The yoga classes are varied, adaptable to how much you want to do and Alexa’s advice and knowledge about all things pregnancy and labour is incredible. I absolutely used her techniques during my labour and her music was the soundtrack to my son’s birth. Tuesday nights were a special part of my pregnancy journey. I highly recommend it.” – Lindsey

“I met a friend a few days before my little boy was born and she mentioned how calm I appeared about the upcoming labour and birth. Looking back, I attribute that calmness to feeling as prepared as possible and part of that preparation was the antenatal yoga I did with Alexa. I used to look forward to my class and being with all the other mums counting down to full term. And I used to love how much better my upper back felt afterwards! Alexa was always kind and interested and each time I went along I felt I was looking after myself and also being looked after.

My son is nearly crawling and I now do yoga with him next to me (for how much longer I don’t know!) At the end of every practice I hold him in my arms and remember when I used to put my hand on my bump at the end of antenatal yoga and I think about what a long way we’ve come. Thank you, Alexa, for some great memories!” – Caitriona

“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all your advice during our classes. I honestly had the easiest, most relaxed labour. I could hear your voice in my head throughout and was so calm, little Jonathan nearly arrived at home, then in the taxi.
My waters broke at 05:45, just before Ben’s alarm went off and after the first full nights sleep in weeks. I was examined at 11:00 to confirm my waters had indeed broken, which they had. I was feeling slight contractions and was 2cm dilated at this time. We arrived home at midday and Ben went shopping for lunch! By 13:00 my surges gently started and I went in to my little relaxed bubble and I had 2 paracetamol. By 15:00 I asked for the tens machine, I now know this as being my transition! At 15:30 we called triage as I felt the urge to push! Ben was told to call a taxi and if we couldn’t get one then an ambulance! We arrived at hospital after me telling myself repeatedly not to push. We were examined at 16:00 and were 10cm dilated plus 1 as we were very much crowning. I was put in a wheelchair, taken to a room and literally thrown on all fours. With 3 pushes little Jonathan James was born at 16:08! You were with me all the way Alexa. Thank you so much. We didn’t even have gas and air. We literally rode the surge and breathed our little boy out. I have no idea how many times I heard in my head in your accent ‘with each surge I am one step closer to meeting my baby’. :). You have no idea how much that helped. 
By midnight we were home with a beautiful baby boy. I do hope to see you again to thank you in person.” – Clare

“I could not thank Alexa enough for the peace and serenity she gave me during my pregnancy and labour. Having started the classes after my 12th week scan, i never stopped till the due date. Alexa is a wonderful teacher, and her classes gave me a lot of tips to remember at home and during labour. It helped a lot as well to relieve back pain. It was such a pleasure to go and enjoy her class every week, even though I was tired from work, I felt so much better and relaxed after! A big thank you Alexa, I already miss your classes!!” – Sarah

“My yoga breathing and the positions you taught me really were a huge help whilst I was in labour, so thank you. I loved coming along to the class each week, it felt like such a special way to bond with my baby and to take time out from a busy work life. The classes were always so relaxed and friendly, I’m not surprised they are so popular.” – Ruth

“I started the pre natal yoga class from around 14 weeks pregnancy with twins. My last class was just a couple of days before giving birth to my twins Carl and Lumi. I loved that every class started with some tips for natural birth and a healthy pregnancy and the exercises were wonderful. This helped me a lot getting ready and prepared for labour. Thanks so much, Alexa!” – Lynn

“Alexa, a short thank you note to say how much I have enjoyed your yoga classes. As a yoga novice I found the classes very beneficial and relaxing and as a mum novice I learned loads from you. I am excited about meeting my baby and feel sure the yoga has helped in my relaxed mindset. Thanks!” – Vanessa

“I really enjoyed your classes and it has been fantastic to be able to pick up yoga again. It was lovely to meet you and also meet a few people in London, it really helped towards helping me feel a little more at home here, and keep fit! Thank you for everything.” – Lucy

“I attended Alexa’s yoga classes from around 20 weeks pregnant. I found them wonderfully relaxing and it was great to be able to do some exercise with the bump! Alexa is a great teacher – very understanding and knowledgeable. I always left the class feeling reinvigorated and very positive about the upcoming birth! I found the techniques taught very helpful during labour. I would definitely recommend this class whether you have done yoga before or not.” – Rhian

“The only sad thing about having my baby is not being able to attend Alexa’s incredible yoga classes with other pregnant mummies. I attended the classes from about 28 weeks pregnant right up until I gave birth and found I could do most of the techniques and any I found a little tricky Alexa adapted for me and so it was always a comfortable and mindful experience for me and my bump. I formed a lovely friendship group with the girls in the class and ended up holding some of the classes privately at my house with them, which was such a special experience. Alexa is a fantastic teacher and goes above and beyond with help and advice for new mums to be, from positions, which help with digestion and swelling to practical advice in the labour room. I can’t speak highly enough of Alexa and her experience and anyone who is lucky enough to attend her classes are in for a real treat.” – Cordelia

“I attended Alexa’s pregnancy yoga class from around 16 weeks right up to my due date. I was astounded by the difference it made to my own sense of physical, mental and emotional well being throughout my pregnancy. The classes were energising yet still gentle enough to be relaxing, making them a wonderful aid to sleeping, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy. Alexa made each participant feel welcome and valued by asking about their well being at the start of each classes, which I personally felt enriched the experience for everyone. I was also practising hypnobirthing techniques which I would recommend is used in conjunction with this class as they seemed to complement each other very well. A great pregnancy yoga class, suitable for all fitness levels.” – Julie-Anne

“I attended Alexa’s Pregnancy Yoga class from around 17wks to 30wks. Initially I missed the fast pace from my normal Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga routines, however as time went on, I felt the benefit more & more and realised the different excercises helped relax myself & the baby. Once we began our NCT classes I discovered I was really quite well informed on many topics due to the time I spent in Alexa’s classes. The discussions/top tips/group chats proved really useful & informative, and it was reassuring to find out I was already aware of the key positions to aid the baby’s position prior to, and during labour. I now practice a similar routine at home to maintain a healthy body & mind, all based on what I learnt during each class. Thank you Alexa!” – Charlotte

“I’m a big fan of yoga – I teach as well, so it means a lot to me. I tried out a few classes around London to find the right one for me and I stopped at Alexa’s. Her teaching really touched me, wonderful energy and warmth. I had no feeling of being on the London treadmill – the production line was left behind for a while. Alexa creates a space for calm consideration, somewhere to let go and share. Her experience as a doula means that all the movements she incorporates to her classes will serve you during birth as well and because she knows what your body and mind will go through her sensitive targets make everything feel really great. I recommended her to my antenatal class and my midwives and friends who were pregnant too and everyone who went loved it too. So treat yourself.  Don’t just stop at the nearest yoga class you find – it might be worth seeking out one of these classes… Congratulations and good luck from another new mother!” – Fiona

“I attended Alexa’s antenatal classes for much of my pregnancy and really missed them when we moved out of London towards the end of my pregnancy. I found the classes, which Alexa tailored to the needs of the group, simultaneously relaxing and energising – I always slept well after them and woke up refreshed the next day. They provided a good opportunity to meet other ‘mum’s to be’ & to share experiences.
A very beneficial and enjoyable class.”
– Sharon

I would like to say a big thank you for the pregnancy yoga classes I attended with you. I gave birth to a boy in June and the yoga classes were very beneficial. They helped with my breathing and relaxing during the pregnancy, labour and delivery (and also post pregnancy!). The positions you showed us during the classes were great for stress relief during labour. Also the chats at the beginning of class discussing various questions or topics were very informative and personal.
I can highly, highly recommend Alexa’s pregnancy yoga. It was great to do some gentle exercise throughout my pregnancy and I always left the classes feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thanks again.”
– Melanie


“The best experience of my life – crazy, hard but amazing!

I met Alexa when I’ve started to attend pregnancy yoga at TriYoga Camden. I felt connected to her style of yoga teaching and as I’ve read about hypnobirthing before, I was interested in exploring this option of giving birth. My husband and I did the hypnobirthing course with Alexa at our home. The breathing and relaxation techniques, the in-depth written materials with lots of practical advice, the recordings but most importantly the confidence that Alexa injected us with become the core of our knowledge that was key in me having the birth I always dreamt of – peaceful, natural, a life changing experience that made me feel like a warrior. Only if you are a mother that gave birth you would understand how tricky it can be to advice someone who is going through birth, as each birth is different, it can really only be done by someone who has gone through assisting with giving birth many many times. And while Alexa couldn’t be with us during the actual birth (we’ve decided to move countries to start our family life somewhere else), her sound advice even from far, has helped us to take the right steps once the water broke and I was ready to go. In the end, I had a natural painkiller free birth into a water pool. Alexa was definitely a main influence to have the courage to do it my way. We are still connected and I come to Alexa for advice post-pregnancy. She always has a lot of it. Thank you Alexa.” – Zuzana & Roy


“Alexa has a great way of giving you the feeling that however you feel, it’s okay. At the end of the workshop you have so much confidence and self love and appreciation. You learn a lot of helpful practical as well as emotional skills.” – Marlies

“We really enjoyed doing the couples workshop with Alexa! She’s very knowledgeable and approachable. The workshop was divided in three moments: the fist one dedicated to interconnection and nurturing intimacy in our couple, the second one focused on relief techniques that could help me during labour, and the third one on relaxation. The workshop really helped us connect – as a couple – with our baby. This was an amazing experience and we recommend it warmly!” – John 

“We enjoyed Alexa’s overall vibe and calm demeanour and learnt a lot about partner support in this workshop. My husband and I went away feeling more intimately connected with each other and better prepared for this journey.” – Alia

“I’ve been attending Alexa’s online pregnancy yoga classes since I was 14 weeks pregnant & have found them to be invaluable. My partner & I have done 2 of her couple’s workshops & they have both been excellent. A little different each time but full of really useful information particularly when looking at what both the pregnant person & the birthing partner can do to assist with pain management during labour.” – Patricia

“Alexa has a very unique way of engaging and sharing the experience. Me and my partner left more knowledgeable, inspired and closer.” – Ills

“I found it useful and enjoyed spending time practicing skills that my partner and I will use in labour. Without doing a course like this, I don’t think we would’ve ever practiced!” – Elaine

“My partner & I both enjoyed & learnt so much about preparing for the birth experience. Thank you, Alexa, for such a fun, informative session.” – Patricia

“Alexa, thank you so much for an amazing workshop. For helping us as a couple to put much needed time aside to connect and understand how we can support one another physically and emotionally ahead of the birth of our son. An inspiring workshop that has given me as a women the confidence and tools to feel like I can do this! Thank you.” – Melanie

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Alexa. It finally makes me feel ready and confident for labour and birth. I loved the integration of birth partners, which as a mum made me feel super supported. Highly recommend.” – Katrin

“We really enjoyed Alexa’s couple workshop – it gave us lots of useful tips and skills of how we can work together during labour which we are continuing to practice at home. I think the exercises we learned on this workshop will help me to feel supported by and connected to my partner during labour – and for my partner to feel useful and take an active role in the process.” – Beckie

“Attending Pregnancy Yoga and the Couples Workshop with Alexa, has really helped throughout my pregnancy and to prepare mentally and physically for birth. She has a truly magical aura which even via the medium of Zoom shines through and she has inspired me to surrender, find courage and let go.” – Rose

“We loved the workshop, it was intimate with lovely exercises to help my partner feel more involved and can practice in pregnancy.” – Rebecca

“I’ve always loved the calm and connection that Alexa’s pregnancy yoga sessions allow, so I was excited for the couples workshop, and wasn’t disappointed! We really cherished the time together – with all the hecticness of baby preparation, taking the time as a couple to connect with each other and our baby was so special. We’ve learnt some really valuable techniques to help through pregnancy and birth, which has helped us feel more prepared.” – Jacqui

“My partner James and I adored the partner pregnancy workshop! We didn’t know what to expect, and were nervous about committing to 4 hours on Zoom, but it was exactly what we needed. Alexa is a phenomenal teacher and shared so many incredibly helpful tips and advice for labour, but she also created a beautiful, calm, safe and loving space for us to connect as partners. We felt so close and bonded at the end and excited to become parents together and support each other.” – Rachel

“We came into the Couples workshop not fully knowing what awaited us, and we left lifted and together as a couple in a way no other preparation before. We were taught and practiced many useful and helpful tools to support the Mother during birth, which will certainly be used. Still, it was the emotional level and connection with each other that had the most lasting impact. We would highly recommend Alexa’s Couples Workshop for any first time parents or like us, those looking for some extra pointers on a following pregnancy. In the end, it also felt a mental break from some of the more mechanical parts of preparations. In so much, it was akin to a ‘date night’ at home… albeit through a computer screen! Thank you very Alexa for this unusual and inspiring experience.” – Marieke

“This workshop had lots of really useful ways that my husband can support me in labour, but what I enjoyed most was how it really helped us to get still and connect as a couple, emotionally and physically. I’m so glad we took Alexa’s workshop.” – Ellie

“We did a private couples workshop at home with Alexa and it was one of the highlights of my pregnancy and getting ready for the birth. It was wonderful experience to do together with my birth partner, especially given how much Covid has interfered with being able to do things in person. It was both practical and spiritual – a very special thing to do.” – Adrienne

“My partner and I really enjoyed the Partner Birth Preparation workshop. Alexa gave us a lot of information helpful for labour and birth. We particularly enjoyed trying different positions, types of massage and ways my partner could physically support me. The breathing and working with sound was extremely helpful too. The workshop had a focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth – it was very beautiful to connect with each other in a loving and compassionate way, and connecting to our baby. We definitely feel more equipped and ready to welcome our baby in a positive, gentle, intimate and empowering way.” – Alessandra

“I have been following Alexa’s work on Facebook for a few years now, and I knew that if I had my own baby, I would reach out to her because of her experience and knowledge. No matter how much preparation I would do as a mother, I knew it will be important to have my husband join in, so we can work in unison towards the birth of our baby and in labour. Alexa’s Partner Pregnancy Yoga for Couples helped us both to tune into each other, as well giving my husband tools to work with me and help me throughout the birth. All in all, we both had a great time and enjoyed every aspect of the workshop, deepening our connection and feeling thankful for every moment.” – Paula

“Thank you so much for a brilliant workshop! We both relaxed immediately into it, with your calming and reassuring presence and voice. Although I can imagine how magical this is to experience in person, there was something extra special about being in our own space and set up. Both of us felt incredibly supported and empowered to use the techniques and as it is so practical, we feel excited to keep using them in prep for the birth. My partner immediately said how much more prepared he now feels to support me. I feel that every couple should do this workshop – such a vital reminder of how important it is to lean into each other in this special time.” – Ariadne

“Would highly recommend! Both my partner and I loved it to prepare us for the birth of our first child” – Krina

“My partner and I recently enjoyed a great partner pregnancy yoga workshop with Alexa. It was fun, relaxed, informative and helped enormously in the engagement between myself and my partner in preparation for the birth of our baby. Techniques were guided and possible for all to do. A perfect way to enjoy pregnancy & prepare for labour. Thank you!” – Kerry

“I absolutely loved this pregnancy and birth preparation couples class. It’s unlike any other similar class I have found or participated in. It really focuses on specific ways in which you can connect with your birth partner, and provides examples of exercises and movements and massage techniques that can be used during pregnancy and labour itself. It’s very practical, whilst being very much about emotional support and love and connection – very clever.  I would totally recommend this course!” – Babs

“Alexa is always kind and cheerful. We did the workshop for our second baby and found it a great recap of the techniques with which the partner can help the birthing mother. Ben particularly found the massages easy to follow and replicate. It gave us both confidence before the birth.” – Chloé

“The pregnancy workshop was a great way to do something together with my partner and to give him tools to help me in my pregnancy. We learned so much in a short period of time, I highly recommend it to couples. Alexa is a great teacher and spaceholder and each time you learn something new in the class. Thank you so much!” – Eleni

“This is the second time we have attended Alexa’s partner pregnancy yoga workshop and I felt that this time we were able to go deeper into the practices as we have had time to practice them at home and find what works for us. Alexa held such a safe space and we felt totally supported by her presence (even if it was online). I now feel more confident and prepared for labour and birth and my partner feels he will be able to better support me throughout this special journey. We look forward to the birth of our baby and feel that we will be able to use the practices Alexa has shared to enjoy a calm, gentle, supported birth.” – Laurie

“Alexa has a very inviting way of involving the partners and making them feel part of the journey for the birth experience. I highly recommend this workshop!” – Alejandra

“This workshop was a beautiful experience and so steadying as preparation for labour. From a partners perspective it enables you to understand labour as an embodied process for you too and the joy of physically as well as emotionally sharing the birthing experience through supporting your partner. The rebozo techniques were also like sweet nectar! Alexa thank you for your warmth and wisdom!” –  Sian and Tom

“I loved this couples workshop, it helped us feel more calm and prepared for birth, but also we loved the experience of massage, relaxation and yoga, a wonderful connecting way to spend an afternoon. Alexa is a calm, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I would highly recommend this course”. – Rachel

“Alexa is a fantastic teacher and we greatly enjoyed the session with her” – George

“Since meeting Alexa in my yoga clases I loved how she makes me feel confident about my motherhood every time I am around her. She makes me appreciate my body and be grateful for the wonderful work it is doing and will continue to do even after birth. Then when I attended the partner’s workshop both my husband and I can agree we hadn’t felt that close since God knows when! And even though we have a great relationship this has made us even more of a team so we are now both getting more ready and more excited about the big day. Thank you Alexa and I cannot wait to keep learning from you.” – Lorena

“Alexa’s class was relaxing and calming, and really brought my husband and I closer together as a team. Thank you Alexa!” – Dawn

“A really special session; so important to make time for this with your partner and explore the support that you can provide each other during pregnancy and labour. Highly recommend!” – Yasmin

“Alexa’s partner pregnancy yoga workshop was such a wonderful experience. To meet other couples and to take time to really connect to my partner and our baby on our journey to becoming parents was a precious gift. Alexa held such a sacred space where myself and my partner felt fully supported, learning really useful ways of supporting each other and reconnecting. I fell I learnt so much in the workshop and eagerly await the birth of our baby. I feel the practices we covered in the workshop will nurture and guide us through the later stages of pregnancy, labour and birth with confidence, trust, peace and joy. In gratitude.” – Laurie

“Alexa’s workshop was well thought out. My husband and I had a wholesome experience of physical yoga movements, emotional and spiritual connections. Thank you, Alexa.” – Eva

“It was my first yoga class. the experience was very fulfilling and enlightening. Three takeaways: 1) helped me feel what my partner will go through, 2) how to help her and help her help herself 3) broke inhibitions in connecting with partner physically and emotionally. Overall a lot of fun” – Salman

“She is an amazing and positive woman, her voice is so soothing, she is the best for me. after the class I felt so calm, confident and peaceful. Thank you, ,Alexa for everything” – Denica

“This workshop is fantastic. You will learn postures and ways of how your partner can help you during labour. Good way as well to reconnect emotionally with your partner.” – Vega

“Thank you for the workshop, it was an encouraging and bonding experience that provided us with some useful tools for the going into labour as a team.” Marleen

“After Alexa workshop. I am feeling much confident and excited about the birth. And my partner feels much more involved.” – Gema

“If you want to integrate your partner in labour, so they know how to help you, this is an ideal workshop to find out how!” – Neus

“A wonderful experience. In a world where birth is treated as a medical event this workshop encourages spiritual connection between mother, father and baby. Teaching fathers how to be more than a brow moper!” – Daniel

“I met Alexa through her pregnancy yoga classes. She has a unique style of teaching and a gift to make people feel relaxed and happy. The partner pregnancy workshop was really wonderful. Alexa created a very open and safe atmosphere for us to explore our connection with each other. The workshop was a perfect balance of practical poses and opportunities for emotional connection with your partner. It helped us to connect as a couple and we also met like-minded people in the same situation. Alexa was very supportive and attentive throughout the workshop and made us feel safe and at ease.” – Anna

“I wish we had found out about this class earlier. It made us feel more confident and relaxed.” – Selo

“The workshop is a great opportunity to get your partner to immerse himself into the preparation of the birth of your baby and for both of you to connect on an emotional level. Alexa shares amazing tips on positions, touch points and massage techniques that are very enjoyable during pregnancy and will help boost endorphins level during labour! It feels great to do this preparation as a couple and to meet other parents to be. We all left the session feeling serene and positive about what lies ahead of us.” – Stephanie

“The workshop was a beautiful balance of mind and body exercises, and a great way to bond with my partner. I feel more trust in my partner’s ability to support me in labour, and he in turn feels more confident in his own ability to do so.” – Rhonda

“I feel so grateful my husband and I attended this course. I feel so much more confident about labour and I know my husband does as well and will be able to support me in the ways I need to be supported.” – Tanya

“Amazing workshop, lots of love involved, with interaction between partners and mums to be.” – Luana

“We found the workshop to be a really joyful and uplifting experience which makes us feel much more excited and confident for the weeks ahead.” – Mike

“Alexa designs and conducts her pregnancy yoga workshop with a lot of passion, attention to detail and care. She creates a lovely, calm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. She is very knowledgeable and responsive to individual’s questions and needs. We especially found the partner exercises for pain relief during labour very useful. The workshop is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner to further grow as a family.” – Simone

“Alexa’s birth preparation workshop is a wonderful two hour get away to prepare for labour and have time and space to connect with your partner. James and I really enjoyed all aspects and would highly recommend this to all expecting couples!” – Michele


“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful classes. I loved your pregnancy yoga both the exercises and the chat and ‘Mummy and me’ was lovely as well. We really enjoyed it with Catherine. There was always plenty of things to do for both mummy and baby. I love how you integrate baby yoga and baby massage together. Lots of nurturing movements for the baby.” Anna

“I will miss your course so much! It has been such a big part of our weekly routine ever since Flora was five weeks old. It felt like a real blessing amongst all the current craziness. Your thoughtfulness, positivity and steadiness have been encouraging and uplifting and I think I will always remember your classes as part of the positive aspects of the whole lockdown experience. So a big thank you to you! It can’t have been easy to switch to online classes and to have such a large turnover of mums and babies” – Nia

“Mum and baby yoga is great, Alexa interact with babies and get them involved, my little girl stayed calm, smiled and giggled for whole hour.” – Veronika, September 2020

“Alexa was a life line for me during my postpartum experience. She capsulated my placenta lovingly and also helped me recover through online postnatal yoga. I also hope to have a massage too” – Amelia

“So glad I found Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes so early on in my first pregnancy (14 weeks). I really look forward to joining and always feel a million times better afterwards – calmer, more mobile and more in touch with my baby. Dancing with my baby is my particular highlight! Enjoyed the in person classes in Jan / Feb and the online ones have been amazing during lockdown. Couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you so much Alexa!” – Becca

“Alexa, thank you so much for everything. Your classes have been such an important part of my journey to becoming a mother. Your pregnancy yoga class, not only helped me stay strong and supple during pregnancy but gave me a sense of calm and wellbeing. You gave me courage and strength to face giving birth head on and I used your breathing techniques and mantras to get me through the contractions. Your couples workshop was great for my partner, giving him practical tips to help me during birth, keeping me calm and feeling supported. And the postnatal yoga helped me get back to feeling myself but most importantly a really lovely bonding experience every week for me and my baby. I miss you!” – Gemma

“Thank you for all these precious moment of love and peacefulness. I will keep such a fond memory of your classes!” – Alexia

“Best baby yoga class in london, you are amazing Alexa!” – Alex

“Hi Alexa, I hope you are well and that you had a lovely weekend. I’ve been meaning to sent you this email since coming to our first Mummy Baby yoga class. Sorry it took me so long . . . I just want to let you know how amazing I find your classes. I loved coming to your prenatal ones and I love coming to your Mummy + Me classes. I think you are an amazing yoga teacher. I love your energy and the energy of your class, how you embrace motherhood and femininity in general. I started going to Mummy and baby yoga classes close where I live so I didn’t have to travel far when Josh was so little. But I found the classes to be too mummy focused and I missed the interaction with my baby. Your class on the other hand is exactly what I expect from a yoga class with babies. It’s a perfect balance of yoga for me, my baby and the baby massage is such a bonus!!! I had no idea it was part of the class.  As you say at the beginning of the class, it’s hard for the babies to keep attention for such a long time and it’s great you give us the opportunity to interact with our babies, to entertain them, to assure them we are there for them as part of your class while still focusing on the mums as well. In my opinion that’s what a yoga class for mums and babies should be like. There is another Mummy Baby yoga course starting in my area soon, but even though we have to travel to see you, I made a decision to go to your classes instead as I enjoy them so much! And I believe Josh enjoys them too  I hope to be coming for as long as we can!  Sending you our love and a big hug – Renata and Josh xxx”


“I was lucky enough to get a voucher for a massage with Alexa as a present. Alexa arrived at my house on her electric bike. The fact that the massage took place at home meant the experience was relaxing from the start. Alexa did an excellent job of creating a calm, stress-free atmosphere by setting up the room in a practised way. The massage started with Alexa rocking me in large scarves – it was the most amazing feeling – so relaxing and calming. Once the massage started my baby became unsettled and Alexa had lots of suggestions for ways to comfort and feed him while we carried on with the massage. When it became difficult to continue, Alexa suggested trying another time when my husband was available to look after the baby. She was so generous with her time – coming back a second time and giving a full massage without charging me for the first attempt. On the second try I had the most beautiful, relaxing massage: the scarf section followed by a wonderful full body massage. Alexa was also very supportive and encouraging about how we were doing with our first baby, for example giving tips to help with breast feeding. Her presence in the house was very reassuring and I’d very much recommend her services. Thanks Alexa!” – Polly

“Thank you again for your amazing massages, it felt so good to have some body care after months or caring and growing a little human! I really enjoyed the Rebozo technique, which helped me relax in a different way. It allowed me to let go completely and I felt like a baby being rocked. Great feeling!” – Sabrina

“I had the most fantastic massage with Alexa 5 days post-partum and my god was it amazing! I only wish I had discovered her during my pregnancy! My little one was a little needy and Alexa so graciously waited for me to feed him before continuing. I highly recommend Alexa’s massages for any mama, I felt so relaxed afterwards and really happy to have nourished my body in such a way after labour and all in the comfort of my own home.” – Natasha


“I could write a book about Alexa’s post natal massage! What started as a “push present” from my husband, that one session at home a few days after giving birth brought me back to life. Alexa has been coming home twice weekly since. After 2 epidurals (one incorrectly installed and re done 10 hours later), combined with the hurdles of labour, felt run over by a truck and the back pain would not go away, except for those 90 magical minutes twice weekly that left me feeling like a human again. Numb hands, stiff shoulders, twisted neck, humongous post pregnancy mummy tummy… Alexa took care if every bit of my sore body. In a couple of the first sessions Alexa even put the baby on my breast to feed her and continued with the massage like it was the most natural thing in the world. That’s one of the sweetest memories I hold with my little newborn baby girl. And the belly massage techniques are so unique, with heavy discharges afterwards indicative of clearing of clots. During pregnancy the scans showed an endometrioma and a cyst, and around 2 months after Alexa’s post partum belly massages I went for a scan to see if they needed to operate to extract them. When the lab technician said he could not see anything and it was all clear I could not believe my luck. Imagine undergoing an operation while attending to a newborn! Not short of a miracle, I was over the moon and I am sure Alexa’s advanced techniques contributed to this. Oh, and the glandular massage does help with milk output, with some extra milk the day after each session. When you are breastfeeding you always worry if the baby has enough and this has helped a lot! I am forever grateful to Alexa. My baby daughter is nearly 5 months and Alexa keeps coming home to make our lives better with her magic. She knows the female body like no other, and as I always tell her: Every new mum should have an Alexa!!” – Alex


“Alexa, thank you so much for the closing the bones ceremony yesterday. It was such a deep and powerful experience , a real release of fears, anxieties and a letting go. A deep sense of grief for Lunas birth but then an overwhelming sense of acceptance and joy for her arriving into the world safely. I think I needed to go through the process, to confront the birth and reach an acceptance that it was all ok. Thank you for holding such a safe space for me to switch off and process the past few weeks in such a loving, nurturing way. It was such a beautiful experience and something I will treasure forever.” – Laurie

“I feel honoured to have experienced Closing the Bones from Alexa. It has made a big difference both emotionally and physically. Alexa came and therap’d my birthing body. She started by making herbs for the bath and I got in. Baby B joined me and we had a relaxing soak. Then moved onto navigating a week old babe to sleep so she could perform the Closing the Bones Massage & Ceremony on me. I adore the way she works. She is so good at what she does. I can’t just call it postnatal massage because she has so much more skill to add. With sound healing, rebozo, shiatsu, acupressure, aromatherapy, doula, healing…” – Sophie Louise Kirkham (founder of Calm Hypnobirthing)

“Alexa has a wonderful calming spiritual energy. We started with a chat and I had a relaxing bath with herbs. She then gave me an abdominal massage and my body was wrapped up like a whole body hug! The wapping was from head to toes using rebozos. Alexa used drumming and singing to finish with silent meditation. I loved this time just from me. No demands on me whatsoever. I feel It honours the time that has passed, growing, birthing and feeding my girls and marks a new chapter as they are both slowly becoming more independent and I can look forward to more time just as myself as a singular body, on my own in my own space. This process literally helps “close” a mother’s body, which “opens” in so many ways, both in preparation for and during birth itself. Thank you Alexa, you are a beautiful soul” – Katie

“I was a quite anxious at first as I had a long and challenging day with the baby but as soon as Alexa arrived her calming energy worked on it’s magic on me. I chilled right out and knew I was in good hands. A truly healing ceremony. I’m so pleased I chose to start my healing process with Alexa, she has such a beautiful warm and loving, motherly energy. I felt like I was finally being nurtured after giving so much of myself to my baby. It’s even better that it happened inside my home where the rest of our healing will take place. We look forward to more treatment.” – Shelley, February 2020

“It was an entirely new experience for me and a real support and marker as I am continuing to transition into motherhood and my new postnatal self” – Cecile


“I just wanted to send you a note to say a huge thank you for encapsulating my placenta in March! (and I’m so sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner). The pills really helped to restore balance in those first few weeks and definitely got me back on my feet quicker. Your whole service was fantastic from start to finish” – Chloe


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