Birth Preparation

a Couples Workshop

Physical & Emotional tools for Labour & Birth

Tools for labour and birth including: yoga poses, partnering poses, massage techniques, rebozo techniques, how to use breath and alignment to relieve aches and discomfort and a sweet way to connect with your partner  whether your partner is a spouse, sister, mother, doula or friend!

This workshop will help couples connect deeply with their baby, during such a significant and intense time. The birthing-partner will learn how to best support the birthing woman, using their own body, and other props often helpful in childbirth.




Couples will have the chance to:
– Learn gentle yoga postures with an emphasis on working in pairs
– Work together as they might in labour
– Learn breathing and massage and touch techniques useful for pregnancy, and labour
– Learn movements and positions for labour and birth
– Learn and understand birth as a sexual event
– Enjoy a bonding meditation and visualization with your baby

No yoga experience is necessary. The workshop is perfect for all trimesters, experience level, and body size. No matter how nor where you are planning and hoping to have your baby. Couples are encouraged to come to the workshop 2 or 3 times to consolidate learning and continue to build connection and trust. Please note this is not a full birth preparation course, but a practical workshop to experience physical and emotional tools for labour and birth.

Please bring comfortable clothes for movement.


Dates 2022
Saturday 24 September
Saturday 29 October
Saturday 26 November

The Life. Centre Notting Hill
15 Edge Street
London W8 7PN

I also offer this workshop privately at your home or online – 2 hrs – £160

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“Alexa is a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend her pregnancy yoga workshop whatever way you plan to have your baby. The relaxation tools are something we will be able to use before, during and after birth. And have given me confidence as we approach the big day.” – Alice, January 2022

“We learned loads with Alexa and felt so much more confident and informed about the pregancy. We really liked how the rythm of the class gradually helps to build up the connection with your partner. The class has very beautiful flow, you may start by having some ey-to-eye contact with your partner and then move into exercises that requieres more physical contact. This workshop is just a really calm, empowering and beautiful journey to experience!” – Estefanía, January 2022

“We enjoyed feeling connected together as the 3 of us, it helped to reinforce the importance of the father role. We felt more in powered and it has helped towards us being more confident to guide the birth in the direction we want. On a practical level some of the exercises and tools were really helpful. We were left in calm and lovely headspace.” – Laura, December 2021

“This was very helpful in getting us prepared together for the birth.” Polly, November 2021

“Alexa helped us feel more confident and prepared as a couple to go into labour, showing us what we could do together rather than acting as separate units. So helpful for pregnancy as well as birth!” – Poppy, November 2021

“We both really enjoyed this workshop. My partner was a little skeptical at the beginning but Alexa had beautiful energy and made us feel relaxed, helped us connect, and learn some useful practical skills for labour. Thoroughly recommend.” – Louisa, October 2021

“Alexa’s couples workshop is a great way to connect with your partner during pregnancy and learn practical techniques together to use during labour.” – Sophie, August 2021

“Alexa’s workshop was a wonderful way for us to connect with each other and our baby. I think my partner found it helpful to feel more involved in the birthing process and I found the session very positive and it has left us both feeling at peace with and looking forward to experiencing the birth together.” – Kristina, August 2021

“We really enjoyed doing the couple workshop with Alexa! She’s very knowledgeable and approachable. The workshop was divided in three moments: the first one dedicated to interconnection and nurturing intimacy in our couple, the second one focused on relief techniques that could help me during labour, and the third one on couple relaxation. The workshop really helped us connect – as a couple – with our baby. This was an amazing experience and we recommend it warmly! – Elise, July 2021

“Hi Alexa, I would like to share with you that our wonderful son was born last week. Everything went in an extremely smooth way, the midwife was great and the circumstances were as good as possible. Thanks to you we both stayed calm and conscious all the time. We arrived at the hospital at the perfect moment, Felix needed only around 2 hours to be born. Thanks to you I experienced a wonderful event along with Pal. I used your breathing techniques, we used the rebozo, and basically I spent all that 2 hours in all four position with a ball under my chest. Felix seemed to be happy and relaxed 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for your support! See you soon on your baby and mummy sessions :)” – Juli, June 2021

“We enjoyed Alexa’s overall vibe and calm demeanour and learnt a lot about partner support in this workshop. My husband and I went away feeling more intimately connected with each other and better prepared for this journey.” – Alia, June 2021

“I’ve been attending Alexa’s online pregnancy yoga classes since I was 14 weeks pregnant & have found them to be invaluable. My partner & I have done 2 of her couple’s workshops & they have both been excellent. A little different each time but full of really useful information particularly when looking at what both the pregnant person & the birthing partner can do to assist with pain management during labour.” – Patricia, June 2021

“Alexa has a very unique way of engaging and sharing the experience. Me and my partner left more knowledgeable, inspired and closer.” – Ilze, April 2021

“I found it useful and enjoyed spending time practicing skills that my partner and I will use in labour. Without doing a course like this, I don’t think we would’ve ever practiced!” – Elaine, April 2021

“My partner & I both enjoyed & learnt so much about preparing for the birth experience. Thank you, Alexa, for such a fun, informative session.” – Patricia, April 2021

“Alexa, thank you so much for an amazing workshop. For helping us as a couple to put much needed time aside to connect and understand how we can support one another physically and emotionally ahead of the birth of our son. An inspiring workshop that has given me as a women the confidence and tools to feel like I can do this! Thank you.” – Melanie, April 2021

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Alexa. It finally makes me feel ready and confident for labour and birth. I loved the integration of birth partners, which as a mum made me feel super supported. Highly recommend.” – Katrin, April 2021

“We really enjoyed Alexa’s couple workshop – it gave us lots of useful tips and skills of how we can work together during labour which we are continuing to practice at home. I think the exercises we learned on this workshop will help me to feel supported by and connected to my partner during labour – and for my partner to feel useful and take an active role in the process.” – Beckie, February 2021

“Attending Pregnancy Yoga and the Couples Workshop with Alexa, has really helped throughout my pregnancy and to prepare mentally and physically for birth. She has a truly magical aura which even via the medium of Zoom shines through and she has inspired me to surrender, find courage and let go.” – Rose, February 2021

“We loved the workshop, it was intimate with lovely exercises to help my partner feel more involved and can practice in pregnancy.” – Rebecca, February 2021

“I’ve always loved the calm and connection that Alexa’s pregnancy yoga sessions allow, so I was excited for the couples workshop, and wasn’t disappointed! We really cherished the time together – with all the hecticness of baby preparation, taking the time as a couple to connect with each other and our baby was so special. We’ve learnt some really valuable techniques to help through pregnancy and birth, which has helped us feel more prepared.” – Jacqui, January 2021

“My partner James and I adored the partner pregnancy workshop! We didn’t know what to expect, and were nervous about committing to 4 hours on Zoom, but it was exactly what we needed. Alexa is a phenomenal teacher and shared so many incredibly helpful tips and advice for labour, but she also created a beautiful, calm, safe and loving space for us to connect as partners. We felt so close and bonded at the end and excited to become parents together and support each other.” – Rachel, January 2021

“We came into the Couples workshop not fully knowing what awaited us, and we left lifted and together as a couple in a way no other preparation before. We were taught and practiced many useful and helpful tools to support the Mother during birth, which will certainly be used. Still, it was the emotional level and connection with each other that had the most lasting impact. We would highly recommend Alexa’s Couples Workshop for any first time parents or like us, those looking for some extra pointers on a following pregnancy. In the end, it also felt a mental break from some of the more mechanical parts of preparations. In so much, it was akin to a ‘date night’ at home… albeit through a computer screen! Thank you very Alexa for this unusual and inspiring experience.” – Marieke, November 2020

“This workshop had lots of really useful ways that my husband can support me in labour, but what I enjoyed most was how it really helped us to get still and connect as a couple, emotionally and physically. I’m so glad we took Alexa’s workshop.” – Ellie, November 2020

“We did a private couples workshop at home with Alexa and it was one of the highlights of my pregnancy and getting ready for the birth. It was wonderful experience to do together with my birth partner, especially given how much Covid has interfered with being able to do things in person. It was both practical and spiritual – a very special thing to do.” – Adrienne, October 2020

“My partner and I really enjoyed the Partner Birth Preparation workshop. Alexa gave us a lot of information helpful for labour and birth. We particularly enjoyed trying different positions, types of massage and ways my partner could physically support me. The breathing and working with sound was extremely helpful too. The workshop had a focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth – it was very beautiful to connect with each other in a loving and compassionate way, and connecting to our baby. We definitely feel more equipped and ready to welcome our baby in a positive, gentle, intimate and empowering way.” – Alessandra, September 2020

“I have been following Alexa’s work on Facebook for a few years now, and I knew that if I had my own baby, I would reach out to her because of her experience and knowledge. No matter how much preparation I would do as a mother, I knew it will be important to have my husband join in, so we can work in unison towards the birth of our baby and in labour. Alexa’s Partner Pregnancy Yoga for Couples helped us both to tune into each other, as well giving my husband tools to work with me and help me throughout the birth. All in all, we both had a great time and enjoyed every aspect of the workshop, deepening our connection and feeling thankful for every moment.” – Paula, September 2020

“Thank you so much for a brilliant workshop! We both relaxed immediately into it, with your calming and reassuring presence and voice. Although I can imagine how magical this is to experience in person, there was something extra special about being in our own space and set up. Both of us felt incredibly supported and empowered to use the techniques and as it is so practical, we feel excited to keep using them in prep for the birth. My partner immediately said how much more prepared he now feels to support me. I feel that every couple should do this workshop – such a vital reminder of how important it is to lean into each other in this special time.” – Ariadne, September 2020

“Would highly recommend! Both my partner and I loved it to prepare us for the birth of our first child” – Krina, September 2020

“My partner and I recently enjoyed a great partner pregnancy yoga workshop with Alexa. It was fun, relaxed, informative and helped enormously in the engagement between myself and my partner in preparation for the birth of our baby. Techniques were guided and possible for all to do. A perfect way to enjoy pregnancy & prepare for labour. Thank you!” – Kerry, August 2020

“I absolutely loved this pregnancy and birth preparation couples class. It’s unlike any other similar class I have found or participated in. It really focuses on specific ways in which you can connect with your birth partner, and provides examples of exercises and movements and massage techniques that can be used during pregnancy and labour itself. It’s very practical, whilst being very much about emotional support and love and connection – very clever 😉 I would totally recommend this course!” – Babs, August 2020

“Alexa is always kind and cheerful. We did the workshop for our second baby and found it a great recap of the techniques with which the partner can help the birthing mother. Ben particularly found the massages easy to follow and replicate. It gave us both confidence before the birth.” – Chloé, June 2020

“The pregnancy workshop was a great way to do something together with my partner and to give him tools to help me in my pregnancy. We learned so much in a short period of time, I highly recommend it to couples. Alexa is a great teacher and spaceholder and each time you learn something new in the class. Thank you so much!” – Eleni, May 2020

“This is the second time we have attended Alexa’s partner pregnancy yoga workshop and I felt that this time we were able to go deeper into the practices as we have had time to practice them at home and find what works for us. Alexa held such a safe space and we felt totally supported by her presence (even if it was online). I now feel more confident and prepared for labour and birth and my partner feels he will be able to better support me throughout this special journey. We look forward to the birth of our baby and feel that we will be able to use the practices Alexa has shared to enjoy a calm, gentle, supported birth.” – Laurie, May 2020

“Alexa has a very inviting way of involving the partners and making them feel part of the journey for the birth experience. I highly recommend this workshop!” – Alejandra, May 2020

“This workshop was a beautiful experience and so steadying as preparation for labour. From a partners perspective it enables you to understand labour as an embodied process for you too and the joy of physically as well as emotionally sharing the birthing experience through supporting your partner. The rebozo techniques were also like sweet nectar! Alexa thank you for your warmth and wisdom!” –  Sian and Tom, May 2020

“I loved this couples workshop, it helped us feel more calm and prepared for birth, but also we loved the experience of massage, relaxation and yoga, a wonderful connecting way to spend an afternoon. Alexa is a calm, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I would highly recommend this course”. – Rachel, April 2020

“Alexa is a fantastic teacher and we greatly enjoyed the session with her” – George, March 2020

“Since meeting Alexa in my yoga clases I loved how she makes me feel confident about my motherhood every time I am around her. She makes me appreciate my body and be grateful for the wonderful work it is doing and will continue to do even after birth. Then when I attended the partner’s workshop both my husband and I can agree we hadn’t felt that close since God knows when! And even though we have a great relationship this has made us even more of a team so we are now both getting more ready and more excited about the big day. Thank you Alexa and I cannot wait to keep learning from you.” – Lorena, March 2020

“Alexa’s class was relaxing and calming, and really brought my husband and I closer together as a team. Thank you Alexa!” – Dawn, March 2020

“A really special session; so important to make time for this with your partner and explore the support that you can provide each other during pregnancy and labour. Highly recommend!” – Yasmin, February 2020

“Alexa’s partner pregnancy yoga workshop was such a wonderful experience. To meet other couples and to take time to really connect to my partner and our baby on our journey to becoming parents was a precious gift. Alexa held such a sacred space where myself and my partner felt fully supported, learning really useful ways of supporting each other and reconnecting. I fell I learnt so much in the workshop and eagerly await the birth of our baby. I feel the practices we covered in the workshop will nurture and guide us through the later stages of pregnancy, labour and birth with confidence, trust, peace and joy. In gratitude.” – Laurie, February 2020

“Alexa’s workshop was well thought out. My husband and I had a wholesome experience of physical yoga movements, emotional and spiritual connections. Thank you, Alexa.” – Eva, December 2019

“It was my first yoga class. the experience was very fulfilling and enlightening. Three takeaways: 1) helped me feel what my partner will go through, 2) how to help her and help her help herself 3) broke inhibitions in connecting with partner physically and emotionally. Overall a lot of fun” – Salman, December 2019

“She is an amazing and positive woman, her voice is so soothing, she is the best for me. after the class I felt so calm, confident and peaceful .thank you,Alexa for everything” – Denica, December 2019

“This workshop os fantastic. You will learn postures and ways of how your partner can help you during labour. Good way as well to reconnect emotionally with your partner.” – Vega, November 2019

“Thank you for the workshop, it was an encouraging and bonding experience that provided us with some useful tools for the going into labour as a team.” Marleen, November, 2019

“After Alexa workshop. I am feeling much confident and excited about the birth. And my partner feels much more involved.” – Gema, November 2019

“If you want to integrate your partner in labour, so they know how to help you, this is an ideal workshop to find out how!” – Neus, November 2019

“A wonderful experience. In a world where birth is treated as a medical event this workshop encourages spiritual connection between mother, father and baby. Teaching fathers how to be more than a brow moper!” – Daniel, November 2019

“I met Alexa through her pregnancy yoga classes. She has a unique style of teaching and a gift to make people feel relaxed and happy. The partner pregnancy workshop was really wonderful. Alexa created a very open and safe atmosphere for us to explore our connection with each other. The workshop was a perfect balance of practical poses and opportunities for emotional connection with your partner. It helped us to connect as a couple and we also met like-minded people in the same situation. Alexa was very supportive and attentive throughout the workshop and made us feel safe and at ease.” – Anna, October 2019

“I wish we had found out about this class earlier. It made us feel more confident and relaxed.” – Selo, October 2019

“The workshop is a great opportunity to get your partner to immerse himself into the preparation of the birth of your baby and for both of you to connect on an emotional level. Alexa shares amazing tips on positions, touch points and massage techniques that are very enjoyable during pregnancy and will help boost endorphins level during labour! It feels great to do this preparation as a couple and to meet other parents to be. We all left the session feeling serene and positive about what lies ahead of us.” – Stephanie, October 2019

“The workshop was a beautiful balance of mind and body exercises, and a great way to bond with my partner. I feel more trust in my partner’s ability to support me in labour, and he in turn feels more confident in his own ability to do so.” – Rhonda, October 2019

“I feel so grateful my husband and I attended this course. I feel so much more confident about labour and I know my husband does as well and will be able to support me in the ways I need to be supported.” – Tanya, September 2019

“Amazing workshop, lots of love involved, with interaction between partners and mums to be.” – Luana, September 2019

“We found the workshop to be a really joyful and uplifting experience which makes us feel much more excited and confident for the weeks ahead.” – Mike, August 2019

“Alexa designs and conducts her pregnancy yoga workshop with a lot of passion, attention to detail and care. She creates a lovely, calm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. She is very knowledgeable and responsive to individual’s questions and needs. We especially found the partner exercises for pain relief during labour very useful. The workshop is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner to further grow as a family.” – Simone, July 2019

“Alexa’s birth preparation workshop is a wonderful two hour get away to prepare for labour and have time and space to connect with your partner. James and I really enjoyed all aspects and would highly recommend this to all expecting couples!” – Michele, July 2019