Baby Massage

This  class will emphasises connection and presence between mum/dad/carer and baby, and use techniques to: relax the baby’s diaphragm for full and efficient breathing; bring flexibility to hips and shoulders; strengthen their back, arms and legs in preparation for sitting and standing. All of this happens in an atmosphere of loving, joyful play: above all it’s a time for mums, dads or carers to be fully present with and enjoy their baby!

Alexa provides a relaxed and supportive space for dedicated parent and baby time, learning a valuable skill for life to support you and your baby.

Touch is like food to your baby

Baby Massage can help:
– Strengthen baby-parent communication
– Enhance your understanding of baby’s development
– Boost self-esteem and confidence in parenting
– Relax parent and baby
– Transform baby’s brain
– Encourage a deeper sleep for baby
– Relieve wind, colic and constipation
– Reduce crying
– Helps mum avoid postnatal depression

Alexa studied with Peter Walker an is a certified Developmental Baby Massage Therapist. She is also a certified Nurturing Baby Massage having studied with Bryony Vickers  from Birthlight and offers classes for mums, dads or any other primary caregivers.


Mondays 10:00-11:00
For all babies from 1 week to crawling
Book online

1 Single Class
£10 / class


5 Class Pass 60 mins £8/class
£40.00 for 5 classes
Applied to: Baby Massage – Monday 10am, Mum & Baby Yoga – Wednesday 10am

10 Class Pass – 60 mins – £7/class
£70.00 for 10 classes
Applied to: Baby Massage – Monday 10am, Mum & Baby Yoga – Wednesday 10am


VIRTUAL 1:1 session £50 (60 mins)

HOME PRIVATE 1:1 OR SMALL GROUP £80 (60 mins) / £95 – (90 mins)

Prior to the first class please test your baby’s skin with the oil you will be using. This can be done on the inside of the upper arm and about 60 minutes observation time should be allowed. I recommend you use Organic Sunflower Seed Oil / Organic Grapeseed Oil / Organic Virgin Coconut Oil / Organic Light Olive Oil. Avoid commercial baby oils as these are usually highly perfumed. As mineral oil they are cheap derivatives of crude petroleum. They tend to feel greasy and gritty and have no organic value.