Baby Wearing

Babies are designed to be carried. Even newborn babies lift up their knees and stretch out their arms when they’re picked up, automatically adopting the right position to sit on their parent’s hip.
Being carried correctly in a sling supports the spine, keeping it in the rounded ‘C’ shape that babies’ spines need to be in while they are growing.

As babies’ hip joints are not fully formed at birth, it’s also important that babies’ legs are flexed when they’re in a sling so that the hip joint sits securely in the socket. The baby’s knees should be higher than their bottom and their legs should be supported up to the knee so that an ‘M’ shape is seen when looking at the baby.

Benefits of Babywearing for Babies

Babies who are worn in slings tend to be more settled and sleep for longer. They have improved digestion from being held upright and they cry for about half the length of time of babies who are not worn. They spend most of their time in a state of ‘quiet alertness’, able to take in what is going on around them. Premature babies gain weight faster when worn and have better temperature regulation.

Benefits of Babywearing for Parents 

Parents who carry their babies enjoy a close relationship with their baby and learn to pick up on their cues. They have a lower incidence of post-natal depression.

Breastfeeding may be easier. Mum can read baby’s cues and react quickly to his needs and having her baby close will help her milk supply.

Using a sling means that parents will have their hands free. This makes tasks such as washing up or cooking much easier. If you have another child, using a sling can reduce sibling rivalry and frustration as you’ll have your hands free.

Babywearing in Special Situations 

Parents of babies with special needs, premature or low birthweight babies and twins can still wear their babies.

Alexa is a Baby Wearing Consultant having trained at The School of Babywearing School by Fiona Ashman. She offers information to parents who want to know more about slings and baby carriers, top tips for safe babywearing and assist them to choose the carrier which best suits them needs.

Fees: £60 for a 90 mins meeting.

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