Bengkung Postnatal Wrap

A self-love ritual


Bengkung is a traditional Malay belly compression binding method used after childbirth. Traditionally, this practice nurtures the new mother for 30-40 days after birth with daily massage, “Bengkung” binding, and an appropriate nurturing diet.Every day, the “Bengkung” wrap is bound around the mother’s pelvis and stomach to guide the uterus and abdominal organs back into their proper positions. It also helps to bring the abdominal muscles back together, enabling the mother to swiftly recover and accept her new self.

I offer this treatment in the comfort of your own home. Session includes Rebozo Massage, Womb Massage, Binding Kit: Wrap and Belly Firming Paste, followed by the application of the ‘Bengkung’ wrap. I also send a self-binding instruction video.

The massage is designed to aid the post-partum recovery process, alleviating any physical and emotional symptoms that delivery might cause.

It’s most effective in the first 3 months post-partum. Ideal start time is 4-5 days after a vaginal delivery, and 2-6 weeks after a caesarean section.

Physical Benefits

Pelvic Floor Support

During childbirth, the cervix opens approximately 10cm. Steady pressure on the hips helps the cervix and pelvic floor close and return to it’s pre-pregnancy size.

Back Support

Lower back pain is a common complaint of new mothers, largely due to weak abdominal muscles and poor posture from labour. Belly Binding is a great antidote to both of these causes.

Diastasis Recti 

During pregnancy, the two large bands of abdominal muscles can expand and separate. Separation usually lessens a few months postpartum, but can last for longer periods depending on the severity. Belly Binding helps to tone and close the abdominal muscles by providing pressure and keeping them in their proper places during healing.  

Decreases postpartum bleeding time

Pressure and support for your uterus helps it contract and shrink to pre-pregnancy size a little quicker, which also lessens your bleeding time.



It is difficult (if not impossible) to slouch while properly bound. This can help with the common “nursing-slouch” that can lead to muscle aches and difficultly breastfeeding. Correct posture while breastfeeding leads to proper latch and decreased muscle tension.


Lifting your shirt and exposing your belly to feed your new little life can be difficult or uncomfortable for some women. Having a bind on can have the added benefit of providing a little more modesty, whilst also providing great support. It’s a beautiful wrap honouring your postpartum body and holding it firm and warm while you heal.


Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Taking the time each day to care for yourself.

Recognising that the postpartum mother is just as important as your new little life, and wrapping yourself with the comfort and care that you deserve is a valuable addition to your daily routine. Enjoy the excuse to take some time and listen to what your healing body is telling you it needs, while you warmly wrap an area that has worked so hard for you and your baby.

Positive Self Image 

For some women the change in body shape after child birth is disconcerting. While it’s not a waist trainer or binder made to slim you down, postpartum wrapping can help slim your ribs, hips, and abdomen by holding them in place and guiding them back to together as they heal. Things look tighter, firmer, and healthier for days after.

Also, using beautiful fabric to wrap your healing body not only looks great, but feels great too. When you feel good and supported, you feel better about yourself in general. And happy mums lead to happy babies.


£160 – 1 session – 75 mins

£450 – 3 sessions
£840 – 6 sessions

*plus parking*

*This is not a weight loss product* It’s a supportive binding that helps to restore balance and well-being, and aids in returning muscles and organs to their pre-pregnancy position.


Bengkung Belly Wrap + Closing the Bones Ceremony 

£320 + parking – 1 session 3-4 hours (you can book more Belly Wrap sessions)

*plus parking*

Postnatal Full Body Massage + Bengkung Belly Wrap

1 session: £210 + parking
3 sessions: £420 + parking
6 sessions: £800 + parking


Many mothers want to leave their baby in good hands and take a break. However, if you prefer to have your newborn with you, I will happily support the little visitor and adjust the routine to baby if needed (for breastfeeding, etc).

Get in touch for more information or to book in your massage.

Payment is due on first session
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer
Pre-paid sessions to be used within 3 months
Non-refundable, but you can transfer to someone else
You can re-schedule an appointment without charge pls give me as much time as possible

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