Birth Doula Support


Peace on Earth begins with birth.”   – Jeanine Parvati Baker

Alexa trained as a doula in London at Paranama Doula UK with renowned Dr. Michel Odent and doula Liliana Lammers in February 2013.

A doula is, simply, a Woman who protects the birth environment. I am not a labour coach, birth assistant or a medic.

The word ‘doula is the Greek word for ‘slave’ and understandably there is an aversion to this word by Greek people who prefer the word ”paramana’ as it is synonymous with ‘midwife‘. However, the word has caught on and is now widely used and accepted with positive connotations.

Birthkeeper is a term coined by Jeannine Parvati Baker, marrying the terms Earth Keeper (eco-activist and holders of the sacred Earth-based wisdom) and Birth Worker (doula, midwife, etc), thus meaning a birth activist and keeper of the sacred wisdom of birth. The space that we enter during labour is indeed one of knowing, mystery, grounding, higher connection, letting go, vulnerability, power, ending and beginning…everything.

Birth Doula Package – £1850

My job is all about you, the baby and your partner (if you have one) to ensure that your childbirth is as positive an experience as possible.

I give it all with an open mind and an open heart. No matter what decisions you make in your pregnancy, birth and life, as long as you have been accurately informed and make decisions that you feel are the right ones, I will support you all the way to help you have the best birth experience you can. That’s what is most important, no matter what the circumstances.

I want to empower you, to make you have confidence in yourself, reassure you about your instinctive ability to give birth, help you make fully informed choices and respect your desires.

My support is non-medical. I’ll be there for you to on the emotional and practical side of things. I spend time with you antenatally, getting to know you and your family and as your constant contact and companion during your labour and birth, I will do my utmost to keep you calm, reduce any anxiety you may have by ensuring you feel cared for emotionally and physically without feeling observed or judged when at your most vulnerable. We are a team and as well as all of the above, I am there to help with massaging, breathing, encouraging different positions to help with an active labour. I am also there as your advocate and to help reinforce your birth preference and what you feel is most important to you during this time.

Though it is my job to ‘mother the mother’, I naturally appreciate the importance and significance of husbands/partners and am always happy to help with any concerns and questions they may have.

My philosophy is that you and your baby are most important.  You should trust your instinct and go with what feels right for you.  I am there to support and care for you.  Women have given birth since the beginning of time – they are strong and their bodies are amazing. So are you.


  • Free introductory meeting
  • Three home visits before the birth, with your partner (if you have one).
  • We will explore your birth preferences and assist you in writing them to add to your notes, learn how to get the best from your midwifes and consultants, explore ways in which your partner can support you and I can support him too, relax, work through any anxieties or issues you may have, discuss your coping techniques for labour, etc.
  • I will be available for you through your pregnancy from the moment you book me by email, phone and text
  • I offer 5 online sessions of DreamBirth Imagery – Visualisation Techniques
  • You get free access to all my online Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes according to my schedule
  • You can participate for free in my monthly Partner Pregnancy Yoga Workshop for Couples
  • I also offer a reading list, websites list and useful articles to refer to during your pregnancy

I am:

  • On call 24 hours per day for your due period from week 38 until the baby is born
  • During your labour I will join you whenever you feel you need me and accompany you from home to birth centre/hospital or help you bed-down before the midwives arrive if you are planning a  home birth
  • I will offer you continuous emotional, physical and informational support from when I join you in active labour, until you and baby are settled

After the birth:

  • I’ll return once or twice if necessary to see you. This visit is useful to process your birth experience and offer any other practical, information or emotional assistance you need
  • Free Closing the Bones Ceremony
  • Support you by phone, email or text, in the early days with questions about the postnatal period, baby and breastfeeding, or other areas for 30 days after your baby was born

It would be great if you could attend my weekly pregnancy yoga classes. This way we can really build up a relationship of familiarity.

Please note that my birth doula package is £1,850.- and includes 3 antenatal in person visits, your labour and birth and 1-2 postnatal visits. The other sessions I offer to you are for free. Not attending these sessions does not make my package cheaper. Thank you for your understanding.

Backup Doula:
This is quite rare… but if circumstances are beyond my control to be physically present,  I will send a wonderful, experienced backup doula to be with you in your labour.  If I’m able to relieve her at some point I will.
Meet the back up team: London Bliss Doulas

Shared Doula Package
I offer this package if you’d like us to work together but I am not fully available for the on- call period of 38 to 42 weeks (and beyond if baby chooses a birthday past this range). For more info click here

The majority of doulas are employed directly by their clients while others may choose to volunteer. The Doula UK Access Fund provides free birth and postnatal doulas to women in need and works with women’s refuges to ensure vulnerable women are supported as they become mothers. There are a small number of NHS-employed doulas and a number of voluntary schemes.

“Meeting Alexa has completely transformed my experience of pregnancy and the delivery of our little girl! I came across Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes after trying a couple of other classes. Her style is the perfect combination of dynamic flows and joyful moving meditation and dances to connect with your growing bump. Alexa creates a safe space to also share your mood, questions, concerns or just your experience of pregnancy during the check in at the start of every class. I’ve been looking forward to each class and always left feeling energised and empowered that I could safely birth my baby. Meeting Alexa completely changed my outlook on how I wanted to give birth and we ended up asking her to be our doula and to be with us during the delivery. This is the best decision we ever made. Along the way Alexa shared with us lots of insights on the birthing process and on our options to help us think about our birth plan. On the day she’s been absolutely amazing, strong, comforting, calming for both myself and my partner. We stayed home as much as possible dealing with the growing surges and arrived right on time at the hospital to deliver our baby girl Violette in the pool to the sound of Bob Marley thanks to Alexa’s playlist! I can’t recommend enough to try Alexa’s classes!” – Stephanie, June 2020

“Alexa has the most nurturing, supportive and maternal vibration to her – I’m so grateful that she was able to be my doula. The generosity with which she tended to mine and my family’s needs was so touching. She helped my 6 year old daughter to feel a part of the process and even gave her a massage on one of her visits to our home. Throughout my pregnancy I felt her presence in exactly the right degree. I attended her antenatal yoga class every Sunday, and she visited me often to check in – there was a lot of emotional support, as well as physically helping to prepare my body for birth, including some baby turning techniques. When it came to birthtime, it was 2.5 days from waters breaking until baby Ayo arrived, and Alexa was with me the whole time. She was incredibly intuitive and respectful to my needs. When I needed support, she was close by. When I needed to be alone, she gave me space. Her attention to detail, communication with the hospital staff and her tireless safeguarding of my experience, allowed me to focus on and enjoy bringing my baby earth side. Thank you sister for being such a crucial part of our story 💖” – Nikita, January 2020

“Alexa was an immense help in both planning for, and then going through with, the birth of my daughter. Prior to meeting up with Alexa I was not very informed or prepared at all about the whole process due to having a very busy job and being single, and as such feeling a little uneasy about everything. However Alexa was incredibly calm and understanding and ensured that I really was thoroughly prepared both practically and psychologically. When it came to giving birth Alexa arrived at my house the moment I needed her, got me to hospital (there’s no way I’d have made it there without her), and stayed with me for many many hours to welcomed my daughter into the world.  In short I would have been totally lost without Alexa, and can’t thank her enough for making it as positive and “normal” a process as possible. Alexa is clearly very passionate about and incredibly knowledgable on the wellbeing and happiness of women and babies, but also of families overall and humans in general. She is a truly wonderful woman.” – Rebecca, March 2015

“Alexa made my pregnancy and birth experience smoother and happier. I enjoyed her yoga sessions a lot. Her advise on pregnancy and labour was really useful, and her support during the birth was amazing: she helped me manage the pain, think positive and laugh plus took some amazing pictures which we are very happy to have. I would recommend having her around to any mum to be!” – Andrea, July 2014