“To be realistic is to expect your birth to be wonderful.” – Naoli Vinaver Lopez


Hypnobirthing is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy for childbirth:

  • With hypnobirthing, you’ll discover that severe pain does nothave to be an accompaniment of labour.
  • You’ll learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births.
  • Hypnobirthing lets you discover and experience the joy and magic of birth – rather than the horrific ordeal everyone else seems hell-bent on telling you about
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn how to put yourself back in control of your birth – rather than blindly turning your birthing experience over to your doctor or midwife.

Hypnobirthing doesn’t mean you’ll be in a trance or a sleep. You’ll always be aware of what is happening to you, and around you. You’ll be able to chat, and be in good spirits – totally relaxed, but fully in control.

Just imagine welcoming each surge! Feeling peaceful… relaxed… and even smiling as your baby comes closer to you!

Hypnobirthing doesn’t require any particular belief system, or prior experience. Some of our mums (and especially their husbands!) have been very sceptical at first – until they experience it for themselves.

DreamBirth® is a method developed by Catherine Shainberg in the US which uses quick and simple imagery exercises to help mothers communicate directly with their creative force within to easily and enjoyably create the birth they desire.

I offer a complete birth education programme, that teaches simple but specific self-hypnosis, imagery, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth.

Private Sessions for Couples or Single Mums

3 x Personal birth-coaching sessions lasting 2 hours, at dates and times that suit you.

This in-depth workshop is a unique and comprehensive approach to childbirth preparation that addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects of giving birth. It will

teach you how your body works, and will give you information, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to help you release your fears and build your confidence as you prepare for the birth of your child!

What you’ll learn:

How your birthing body works, including: physiology, phases of labour and birth, hormones involved in the birthing process, and third stage – birth of the placenta.

An array of techniques to help you remain completely in control. When the body is relaxed during labour, it tends to progress better and the experience is often more comfortable and enjoyable.

Specific fear release techniques to overcome any negative feelings you may have about pregnancy/birth or motherhood. It can also help mothers to come to terms with a previous traumatic birth.

You will be informed about your choices as a woman giving birth and feel empowered and in control of your body.


It also includes:

Hypnobirthing handouts and materials

Birth Preferences Templates

Movement, positions and touch for labour

MP3 tracks of hypnobirthing scripts

Individual time and attention to discuss any specific concerns

Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and in the early days with your newborn


Price + parking

3 sessions £450 (2 hours each) at your home

Refresher £180 (2 hours) at your home

Get in touch for more information or to book your sessions. 


“The best experience of my life – crazy, hard but amazing! I met Alexa when I started to attend pregnancy yoga at TriYoga Camden. I felt connected to her style of yoga teaching and as I’ve read about hypnobirthing before, I was interested in exploring this option of giving birth. My husband and I did the hypnobirthing course with Alexa at our home. The breathing and relaxation techniques, the in-depth written materials with lots of practical advice, the recordings but most importantly the confidence that Alexa injected us with become the core of our knowledge that was key in me having the birth I always dreamt of – peaceful, natural, a life changing experience that made me feel like a warrior. Only if you are a mother that gave birth you would understand how tricky it can be to advice someone who is going through birth, as each birth is different, it can really only be done by someone who has gone through assisting with giving birth many many times. And while Alexa couldn’t be with us during the actual birth (we’ve decided to move countries to start our family life somewhere else), her sound advice even from far, has helped us to take the right steps once the water broke and I was ready to go. In the end, I had a natural painkiller free birth into a water pool. Alexa was definitely a main influence to have the courage to do it my way. We are still connected and I come to Alexa for advice post-pregnancy. She always has a lot of it. Thank you Alexa.”

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