Mother Blessing Ceremony

Mother Blessing

The alternative babyshower

Traditionally in almost all cultures women have gathered together before the birth to wish the mother well. Motherblessings are celebrations of pregnant women and their transition into motherhood. These special mother-centered gatherings offer friends and family a fresh approach to honoring, supporting, nurturing, and encouraging mothers-to-be.

What is a Mother Blessing Ceremony?

A wonderful and unique alternative to the traditional baby shower, a Mother Blessing is a celebration of a woman’s transition into motherhood. A Mother Blessing (traditionally known as Blessingway) is seen as a rite of passage and focuses on providing the Mum-to-be with emotional, mental and spiritual support, encouragement and celebration by the women close to her.

This ceremony is traditionally women-only events, but obviously men are welcome too! They can be intimate with just a few close girlfriends and family, or they can be a larger celebration. Whatever you choose to do during a Mother Blessing, the focus is on nurturing the Mum-to-be!

  • Hand massage
  • Foot bath and massage
  • Comb her hair
  • A necklace or bracelet is made for the Mum-to-be to wear during labour (each person brings a bead)
  • Decorating prayer flags with positive affirmations and images
  • Reading of poems
  • Belly Art
  • Storytelling – positive birth stories
  • Releasing of fears/positive affirmations
  • Joining ceremony (tying of coloured string around wrists)
  • Candle lighting – each woman brings a candle to light at the ceremony and again when the Mum-to-be goes into labour
  • Drum journey

There are many other things to include or try out and there is something for everyone. For example:
Chanting session with live musicians


Price: £150 – 2 hours

Gift Ideas for a MotherBlessing

Where baby shower gifts are focused on the baby, gift ideas for this ceremony are ones that focus on assisting, celebrating and reducing the stress of the Mum-to-be. For example:
– a gift certificate for a massage, beauty or wellbeing treatment
– soothing body products e.g. body balm, massage oil, foot or hand cream
– a pregnancy/birth relaxation CD or book
– wheat bag or heat pack
– labour and birth support items
– a cloth nappy washing service
– help with the housework
– help with the cooking
– an offer to watch the baby whilst the new Mum gets some rest

If you would like help with planning and holding a Mother Blessing Ceremony for yourself or someone else, please email Alexa