These fun postnatal yoga sessions are an excellent way to start your practice again and ease back into your routine. Classes are taught in a supportive, nurturing environment and are open to all new Mums and their babies from 6 weeks after giving birth. Your baby will be with you throughout the session watching, sleeping, feeding, playing, and most of the time getting involved in some of the exercises.

Postnatal Yoga will help you: 

  • Heal physically and emotionally
  • Re-align the spine, hips & pelvis
  • Tone & re-strengthen the abdominal & pelvic floor muscles
  • Ease stiffness in the shoulders & upper back
  • Create a safe environment to bond with your baby
  • Improve digestion and relief for babies
  • Settle your baby and improve sleep patterns
  • Enhance the bonding and communication with your baby
  • Feel more confident in handling your baby

Group Classes

The Life Centre Notting Hill

Private Classes

I private postnatal yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.

Price + parking

Home Private 1:1 OR small group – 1 session £140 / 3 sessions £375 / 6 sessions £720

90 minutes

Payment is due on first session
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer
Pre-paid sessions to be used within 3 months.

Not refundable, but you can transfer to someone else
You can always re-schedule an appointment without charge please give me as much time as possible

Get in touch for more information.


“We really love the Mum & Baby Yoga sessions – it’s a wonderful way to connect with your baby whilst getting in some gentle movement and time for you. Also the baby gets some wonderful exercises and massage. The baby massage once a month is so lovely too. I think it’s the perfect structure and my baby and I love coming” – Rosalind

“Best baby yoga class in London, you are amazing Alexa!” – Alex

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful classes. I loved your pregnancy yoga both the exercises and the chat and ‘Mummy and me’ was lovely as well. We really enjoyed it with Catherine. There was always plenty of things to do for both mummy and baby. I love how you integrate baby yoga and baby massage together. Lots of nurturing movements for the baby.” Anna

“I will miss your course so much! It has been such a big part of our weekly routine ever since Flora was five weeks old. It felt like a real blessing amongst all the current craziness. Your thoughtfulness, positivity and steadiness have been encouraging and uplifting and I think I will always remember your classes as part of the positive aspects of the whole lockdown experience. So a big thank you to you! It can’t have been easy to switch to online classes and to have such a large turnover of mums and babies” – Nia

“Mum and baby yoga is great, Alexa interact with babies and get them involved, my little girl stayed calm, smiled and giggled for whole hour.” – Veronika

“Alexa was a life line for me during my postpartum experience. She capsulated my placenta lovingly and also helped me recover through online postnatal yoga. I also hope to have a massage too” – Amelia

“Alexa, thank you so much for everything. Your classes have been such an important part of my journey to becoming a mother. Your pregnancy yoga class, not only helped me stay strong and supple during pregnancy but gave me a sense of calm and wellbeing. You gave me courage and strength to face giving birth head on and I used your breathing techniques and mantras to get me through the contractions. Your couples workshop was great for my partner, giving him practical tips to help me during birth, keeping me calm and feeling supported. And the postnatal yoga helped me get back to feeling myself but most importantly a really lovely bonding experience every week for me and my baby. I miss you!” – Gemma

I have enjoyed your classes so so deeply, I’m SO GRATEFUL for your pregnancy and postnatal class. I feel so so connected when I practice with you more so than I ever have since becoming pregnant” – Vanessa

“Thank you for all these precious moment of love and peacefulness. I will keep such a fond memory of your classes!” – Alexia

“I just want to let you know how amazing I find your classes. I loved coming to your prenatal ones and I love coming to your Mummy + Me classes. I think you are an amazing yoga teacher. I love your energy and the energy of your class, how you embrace motherhood and femininity in general. I started going to Mummy and baby yoga classes close where I live so I didn’t have to travel far when Josh was so little. But I found the classes to be too mummy focused and I missed the interaction with my baby. Your class on the other hand is exactly what I expect from a yoga class with babies. It’s a perfect balance of yoga for me, my baby and the baby massage is such a bonus!!! I had no idea it was part of the class.  As you say at the beginning of the class, it’s hard for the babies to keep attention for such a long time and it’s great you give us the opportunity to interact with our babies, to entertain them, to assure them we are there for them as part of your class while still focusing on the mums as well. In my opinion that’s what a yoga class for mums and babies should be like. There is another Mummy Baby yoga course starting in my area soon, but even though we have to travel to see you, I made a decision to go to your classes instead as I enjoy them so much! And I believe Josh enjoys them too  I hope to be coming for as long as we can!  – Renata

“So glad I found Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes so early on in my first pregnancy (14 weeks). I really look forward to joining and always feel a million times better afterwards – calmer, more mobile and more in touch with my baby. Dancing with my baby is my particular highlight! Enjoyed the in person classes in Jan / Feb and the online ones have been amazing during lockdown. Couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you so much Alexa!” – Becca

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