Postnatal Yoga | Private Sessions

In Postnatal Yoga, postures, breathing techniques, and meditation offer a practice that supports healing, relaxation, and toning.

The class will focus on core-stability and releasing tension in shoulders and back. We will take you through a series of traditional yoga postures with special attention to strengthening areas weakened after birth.

Supportive and relaxing, this friendly class is pitched appropriately between postnatal and mainstream – a bridging class.

Benefits of Post Natal Yoga

    • Strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
    • Releases tension in shoulders and neck muscles
    • Helps to improve posture
    • Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation
    • Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy
    • Increases your sense of well being
    • Regenerate your flagging energy
    • Provides and opportunity to connect with other mothers

Deep-breathing exercises are also introduced to help to relax the mind, bringing about a sense of calm to the inner self. We recommend that mothers wait until four to six weeks after vaginal birth and 10 weeks after a caesarean section to take this class.

Pregnancy Yoga / Mum & Baby Yoga / Postnatal Yoga 
60 mins session: £70
90 mins session: £90

Email Alexa for More information or to book.