Private Pregnancy Yoga

Alexa offers private one-to-one yoga sessions on Pregnancy Yoga all around London. This is a great option for mums-to-be who do not want to practice with an audience or feel not prepared to join a public class or just have no time to go to a studio and prefer the comfort of their own home.

In private yoga sessions you would have the chance to ask questions, break down postures and receive truly personalised alignment instructions.

Practising yoga is not the end goal. Rather, yoga is a tool to gain awareness about our bodies and minds in a safe and nurturing manner. You’ll learn how to care for yourself, listen to the inner voice telling you what is needed, and what helps to bring balance. The intention in every session is to bring about a harmony in the physical, mental, psychic and spiritual aspects of the practitioner.

Private classes take place at a venue of your choosing. It can be your home, office or even your local park (weather permitting). This will save you travel time and hassle, and the relaxation benefits will be maximised.

One-to-One Sessions can be booked as a one-off class or as part of a regular program. Each class features sequences of postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques to realign, nurture, recharge, balance and invigorate the mind and the body.

1 session £100
10 sessions £900

1 session £60
10 sessions £500

Email Alexa for more information.