Restorative Yoga for Postnatal Recovery

Restorative yoga is a gentle yoga practice where the body is gently, but deeply stretched.

During each session the client is placed in gentle yoga postures and props (blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks) are used to support the body so the client can deeply relax.  Once the client is comfortably placed in a posture, the stretch can then be increased by the application of gentle pressure or traction.  We work together to achieve an appropriate level of stretch.  The client remains in the posture for longer than in a traditional yoga class, allowing for deep relaxation and release.

Restorative yoga can feel wonderfully healing. Stubborn areas of tightness or tension can be encouraged to let go.
I would advise a minimum of 3 private sessions to feel and sense its effect. Six to 10 would be ideal.

In the comfort of your home (within London Zone 1-2)
First session (90mins inc. assessment) £100
Follow up sessions (60mins) £80

Email Alexa for More information or to book.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
We regret that we do not accept credit cards. All rates include tax.
5% off if you buy 10 sessions (upfront payment) – 10% discount for my doula clients.

You can always cancel an appointment without charge as long as you give 24 hours’ notice. However, for any cancellation or appointment change made with less than 24 hours notice, full fee is payable.