Yoga Nidra


CONNECTING WITH THE UNIVERSAL ENERGIES. Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that is simple, effective and deeply relaxing for the body, emotions and mind. It is a wonderful support practice during and after pregnancy. Yoga Nidra helps prepare the body, breath and mind to go through the birthing journey and beyond with more ease. Using various body relaxation, calming breath and visualization techniques, you will be guided in reducing bodily, emotional & mental stresses, so that your pregnancy is calm and grounded to yourself while nurturing the relationship with your growing baby inside.

No previous meditation experience is necessary. Students will be led through simple pregnancy yoga positions to relax the body and mind followed by calming breathing practices helpful during pregnancy and ending with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation. All that is required by you is to lie down, relax and listen as you are guided by my voice into deeper states of relaxation, connection and healing.

WEDNESDAYS 17:00-18:00
Price: £9