Alexa Dean

Closing the Bones London

What is Closing the Bones? Closing the Bones is a Latin American midwifery rite. It completes the birthing process energetically, physically, and emotionally. Some women receive it three days postpartum or a few weeks later, and others a number of… Read More

Postnatal Yoga | Mummy And Me

Mum & Baby Yoga with Alexa Dean Chelsea Postnatal Yoga / Shoreditch Postnatal Yoga Practising yoga with your baby next to you is, fun, lively, cute, noisy… requires lots of pauses and creativity to adapt the postures and… Read More

Bengkung Belly Wrap

London Bengkung Belly Binding   What is a Bengkung Belly Wrap? Bengkung Belly Binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum women’s belly for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth.  This belly binding… Read More