Alexa Dean

Online Baby Massage

This  class emphasises connection and presence between mum/dad/carer and baby. Alexa is one of most loved online Baby Massage teachers. She highlights the use techniques to relax the baby’s diaphragm for full and efficient breathing. Also suggests movement to bring flexibility to hips and shoulders; strengthen baby’s back, arms and legs in preparation for sitting and standing.

All of this happens in an atmosphere of loving, joyful play. Above all it’s a time for you to be fully present with and enjoy your baby at the comfort of your own home.

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Why Choose Alexa’s Online Baby Massage Classes?

Alexa provides a relaxed and supportive space for dedicated parent and baby time, learning a valuable skill for life to support you and your baby. Alexa studied with Peter Walker an is a certified Developmental Baby Massage Therapist. She is also a certified Nurturing Baby Massage having studied with Bryony Vickers  from Birthlight.

“Touch is like food to your baby”

Baby Massage can help:
– Strengthen baby-parent communication
– Enhance your understanding of baby’s development
– Boost self-esteem and confidence in parenting
– Relax parent and baby
– Transform baby’s brain
– Encourage a deeper sleep for baby
– Relieve wind, colic and constipation
– Reduce crying
– Helps mum avoid postnatal depression

What people say about Alexa’s Classes?

“Best baby massage class in London, you are amazing Alexa!” – Alex

“Thank you for all these precious moment of love and peacefulness. I will keep such a fond memory of your classes!” – Alexia

Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Yoga can play a key role  for a smooth pregnancy and empower the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. But more importantly, yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of the baby. Online Pregnancy Yoga is a wonderful option at the comfort of your own home.

Alexa offers her pregnancy yoga classes with an open mind and open heart. Alexa’s approach to yoga is non-dogmatic and her classes incorporate a range of Hatha Yoga traditions which are adapted to suit the overall dynamic of a class as well as each individual’s needs.

Virtual Prenatal Yoga

Antenatal yoga is suitable for mums-to-be from 12 weeks and you can safely practice until your babe arrives. This style of yoga is a lovely gentle, supportive and nourishing practice which will help you enjoy your pregnancy and also alleviate the common ailments sometimes experienced by expectant mums, such as back pain and pelvic girdle pain, aching joints, tiredness, fatigue and breathlessness.

In Alexa’s online pregnancy  yoga sessions you will learn a combination of yoga positions and movements to create comfort and space for you and your baby. You will learn breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy and through childbirth itself and you will experience some lovely deep relaxation techniques, helping you stay calm and relieve the anxieties associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Classes are a happy mix of women at different stages of pregnancy and with varied experience of yoga. Pregnancy naturally inspires a connection to and curiosity with our bodies and yoga enhances this, taking us deeper into ourselves.

All poses are clearly demonstrated and designed to help you feel your best as your baby grows. We also practice useful poses for labour and birth so that they become familiar, comfortable and easy to use instinctively in labour.

Breath awareness is an important element of each class and we focus on variations of the breath and traditional pranayama to calm the busy mind. This equips mothers with a powerful tool to stay grounded and focused during labour. We learn how to employ the breath to release fear, tension and difficult thoughts.

Each class ends with a deep relaxation and a quiet moment to feel at peace with your growing baby, a cocoon of love and calm in our busy lives. The vibe in the classes is upbeat, nurturing and friendly.

Online Pregnancy Yoga via Zoom


“Alexa is simply brilliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wonderful, calm and confident way of teaching. Her classes are so much more than just about yoga and she has a great sense of inclusiveness. She makes you feel uplifted, invigorated and yet totally relaxed and tension-free. Her classes were always the highlight of my week when I was pregnant.”

“Alexa, thank you so much for everything. Your classes have been such an important part of my journey to becoming a mother. Your pregnancy yoga class, not only helped me stay strong and supple during pregnancy but gave me a sense of calm and wellbeing. You gave me courage and strength to face giving birth head on and I used your breathing techniques and mantras to get me through the contractions. Your couples workshop was great for my partner, giving him practical tips to help me during birth, keeping me calm and feeling supported. And the postnatal yoga helped me get back to feeling myself but most importantly a really lovely bonding experience every week for me and my baby. I miss you!”

Pregnancy Yoga video available here


Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop for Couples
with Alexa Dean & Thando Zwane

Date: Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2019
Time: 9am to 5pm (lunch included)
Venue: Jamyang Buddist Centre, The Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Road, London, SE11 4NA
Full Price: £450
Early Bird: £400 (if you book before 31st August)

Join us for a unique and comprehensive approach to childbirth preparation. This dynamic, informative and fun workshop will help you to feel prepared, calm and confident for labour, birth and beyond. Sessions include practical information, hands-on exercises, hypnobirthing, yoga, massage, postnatal care and more.We will explore how to be guided by your inner compass and intuition as well as how to surrender to the powerful journey of labour and birth. 

Sessions with a focus on:

  • The Anatomy & Phases of Labour and Birth
  • Movement & Yoga during Pregnancy and Positions for Birth
  • Hormones involved in the birthing process
  • Third Stage – Delivery of the Placenta
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Communication with the Unborn Baby
  • Role of the Partner / Birth Companion
  • Touch and Massage for Labour and Birth
  • Pain Management Options
  • Nutrition
  • Birth Preferences (wishes & intentions for labour and birth)
  • Birth Rights & Choices
  • Positive Birth Stories
  • The Microbiome
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postnatal Care

You can participate at any stage of your pregnancy.
​*By couples we mean the pregnant woman and her birth companion (spouse/partner, sister, mother or friend)

Please contact me if you have any questions click here


Tube Stations: Kennington (Northern Line), Elephant & Castle (Bakerloo Line)
Buses: 196 (Kennington Lane), 133, 155, 333 (Kennington Park Road), 3, 59, 109, 159 (Kennington Road)
Check on the TFL website

By Car
For evenings and weekends, there is no charge and plenty of parking space along Renfrew Road. Parking is free after 6.30pm and at weekends, and on bank holidays. During weekdays there are pay & display bays directly outside the building. The cost is £3 per hour (from Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am – 6.30pm. Not bank holidays).
Jamyang is just within the Congestion Zone, which operates Monday to Friday from 7am to 6.00pm, so there’s no charge in the evenings and at weekends.

Terms and Conditions
Booking and Cancellations
Refunds are not permitted. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop for any reason, though we will endeavour only to do so in the event of exceptional circumstances that mean we are unable to offer the workshop as advertised, or if there are, in our opinion, insufficient numbers booked onto the workshop for it to be commercially viable. Should this happen, we will notify you promptly and will refund you the full £ (sterling) amount you have paid us. We will not, however, be responsible for any additional expenses which you may have incurred in respect of the workshop, for example in respect of travel, accommodation or any exchange rate losses.
If you make a booking for the workshop on behalf of another person, you warrant to us that you have their authority to do so.

What is Closing the Bones?

Closing the Bones is a Latin American midwifery rite. It completes the birthing process energetically, physically, and emotionally. Some women receive it three days postpartum or a few weeks later, and others a number of months and years after giving birth. It is also used after a miscarriage, abortion, illness or rite of passage. It can actually address any kind of depletion a person may be experiencing.

The ritual begins with a hot bath infused with special herbs to calm and relax the mother. She is invited to talk about whatever aspects of the birth or her new role as mother are lingering that she may want to resolve.  The mother then receives an abdominal-sacral massage. After this her body is wrapped up. This ‘hug’ is performed from crown to toes with rebozos (Mexico) or mantas (Ecuador) creating a sensation of closure. Rebozos and mantas are traditional shawls. I offer a sound bath environment drumming and singing to finish with silent meditation. Once complete she lies quietly to integrate her experience and I’m there with her to praise and support her in every way. We use this time to acknowledge the beauty and power that her body and soul has given to the birthing of her child.

This process literally helps “close” a mother’s body, which “opens” in so many ways, both in preparation for, and during birth itself. During the ceremony, pelvic bones are pulled back to their pre-pregnancy placement, and shrinkage of the uterus is facilitated. This helps “close” a new mother energetically, as both pregnancy and particularly the intense process of labour and birth can be very vulnerable times for a woman, psychologically and psychically. The loss of blood during birth is thought to induce a “cold” state in a postpartum mother, so the hot bath helps restore her warmth. It can also increase milk flow, help milk to let down into the breasts, prevent the breast milk from being “cold,” and address muscle fatigue, heaviness in the limbs, oedema, appetite loss and constipation. Hot baths alone can positively influence cardiovascular, hormonal, immune, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. The herbs for the “Baño de Hierbas” are specifically chosen to stimulate circulation, energise the body, fight infection, and recover vital heat and moisture. The essential oils released by the herbs affect recuperation, balance, and relaxation.

Closing the BonesClosing the Bones is a very intimate ritual performed in your home. Plan on two hours of time between feeding your baby and to have a caretaker (papa perhaps) present to attend to your baby while we are in ceremony.

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Alexa Dean


Mummy & Me (Dads too!) Yoga Chelsea

Alexa teaches this class at triyoga Chelsea located at World’s End of King’s Road in Chelsea.

Postnatal yoga classes are a great way to heal, strengthen and nurture yourself without needing a babysitter. Bring your little one along for some parent-baby bonding and be part of a community of new parents. Class includes yoga and baby massage.

Why Choose Alexa’s Postnatal Yoga Classes?

Alexa trained with world renowned teachers. She is also one of most trusted doulas in London having assisted more than 65 births since she started in November 2013.

In her classes Alexa teaches a combination of yoga postures and movements to create comfort and gain strength and tone in your body. These classes are gentle and informal and no previous experience is required. You’ll bond with your baby sharing yoga together, having fun singing and dancing!

What people say about Alexa’s classes

Renata, August 2018

I just want to let you know how amazing I find your classes. I loved coming to your prenatal ones and I love coming to your Mummy + Me classes. I think you are an amazing yoga teacher. I love your energy and the energy of your class, how you embrace motherhood and femininity in general. Your class is exactly what I expect from a yoga class with babies. It’s a perfect balance of yoga for me, my baby and the baby massage is such a bonus!!! I had no idea it was part of the class 🙂 As you say at the beginning of the class, it’s hard for the babies to keep attention for such a long time and it’s great you give us the opportunity to interact with our babies, to entertain them, to assure them we are there for them as part of your class while still focusing on the mums as well.

Join Alexa’s Mum and Baby  yoga classes

Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:00
triyoga Shoreditch
Unit 2, 10 Cygnet Street
E1 6GW

You may also be interested in…

Baby Massage
Mondays 11:00-12:15
triyoga Camden
57 Jamestown Road

Email Alexa for more information


with Alexa Dean and Tamar Gail

Saturday 22 September 2018
Evolve Wellness Centre
10 Kendrick Mews
London SW7 3HG

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Join us to ignite your inner Shakti.  A workshop open to women of all ages and stages of life.  This is for anyone and everyone.

We will explore menstruality and sexuality as Rites of Passage reclaiming our natural powers.  Softening into our sensuality and discover, and awaken our sexual essence as a woman.

By working within the shamanic realms and the ancient tradition of tantra, yoga, and meditation we come to understand the Shakti Kundalini energy that moves through us.  An energy that is life force energy at its finest – sexual, creative, vitality that manifests life.  Through the practices we will share, coupled with the wisdom of the shamanic realms, and your own feminine body, you will come to understand how as an awakened women you can step into your sovereignty and queenship and how you can easily create the life that you dream of.

Shakti energy is life changing – to feel and sense yourself waking up, remembering who you are at the core of your essence and who you were created to be.  With this knowledge you will have essential keys in unlocking your natural born gifts.  When you embody ‘You’ you will experience a greater sense of inner freedom and joy.

Why Shakti energy is so important…  Why sexual energy is so important…

Your sexual energy is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking your natural born gifts.  By avoiding connection with your sexual energy, it impacts your life by misaligning you to your truth. With this important connection, you’ll adopt a greater understanding of how to use your sexual energy to manifest your heart’s desires.  Did you know that your sexual energy plays a powerful key to your life’s purpose and all of your creations? Our creativity comes through when we allow ourselves to step up and fully express the truth of who we are to the core. We’re not built to repress our authentic self, and yet unfortunately so many of us walk around masked. Whether it’s lifestyle, relationships, creativity or success, sexual energy parallels all facets of life. The more you deflect your sexual energy the more contraction you have. Which of course means the opposite is true – the more you embrace your sexual energy, the more expansion you’re present to, allowing you a great sense of inner freedom and joy.

We can feel it emanating from others, and when it courses through our veins we feel on top of the world – like wearing an invincibility cloak.

Expect work in pairs, drum journeys, movement through dance and yoga, stillness, creativity and imagination to deepen self-awareness and healing and connect with the feminine power within you.  Experience growth and confidence that happens when women sit together and share in circle.

Alexa Dean is passionate about feminine wisdom, inner power, women’s mysteries, moon cycles, self healing, movement and stillness. She explores the realms of shamanism. She is continuously learning and growing. Alexa is a doula, yoga teacher and massage therapist.

Tamar Gail has been working in the healing arts since 1999 and runs an international practice for women and couples, specializing in SACRED TEMPLE ARTS. Guiding people all over the world to devote time to their own personal transformation, her own powerful presence inspires and empowers them to step into their full potential, through vibrant authenticity and the awakening to the expansiveness of the heart. Tamar wholeheartedly offers herself through the path of devotion. The focus of her work is on feminine embodiment, sensuality, sacred sexuality, becoming a sovereign woman, intimacy and the ability to open up to a reality that is wild and untamed, beautiful, loving, abundant and beyond our wildest dreams. Tamar has a background in shamanism, tantra, sacred sound healing and Sacred Female yoga, dance, and breathwork, all of which she draws upon as needed when working with her clients. She supports other women in reconnecting and embodying their deepest truth and feminine wisdom, in order for them to re-find their sensuality and vitality, and realise they have the power to create the life of their dreams. Tamar believes that at this moment in time healing on a conscious level is needed in order for the world to heal, and it is the women who hold the greatest power to make this change. Tamar lives in the French Alps and is a practicing Coach, Sacred Female Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer. She runs ceremonies, retreats and workshops internationally for women and couples. Seeing people come back home to themselves and their truth through her work is for her the greatest gift.

Please see her website for upcoming Events througout Europe, the US and online.

* BYO Lunch – or market next door
* Bring comfortable clothes, a glass bottle to refill your water, your journal and a pen

Please book here


Pregnancy Yoga London Bridge

Alexa teaches pregnancy yoga classes at The Bridge, a space she hires for her Tuesday evening classes since 2013. It is located in Southwark between London Bridge and Waterloo.

Pregnancy Yoga London Bridge – Classes are a mix of all stages of pregnancy from week 12 until birth. Alexa offers her pregnancy yoga classes with an open mind and open heart. Alexa’s approach to yoga is non-dogmatic and her classes incorporate a range of yoga traditions which are adapted to suit the overall dynamic of a class as well as each individual’s needs.

Why Choose Alexa’s Pregnancy Yoga Classes in London?

Alexa trained with world renowned teachers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Nadia Narain, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Birthlight and YogaBirth teachers.

She teaches at top London yoga studios like triyoga in Camden, Shoreditch and Chelsea and The Shala in West Norwood.

What people say about Alexa’s classes

Vicky, April 2018

I just wanted to tell you how incredible I think your classes are. I am a Midwife at King’s, and before I attend your classes I was finding it difficult to allow time to care for myself and connect to my pregnancy. However from the first session I attend I immediately felt grounded, centred and at peace. I have a natural tendency and interest in meditation and nature which I found useful to practice with an app through my pregnancy, but your classes took this to another level for me. I felt there was such a nice balance of talking / meditation / breathing exercises and movement. After each class I felt rejuvenated centred at at one with my body and my baby. I ahh’d ooo’d and shhh’d my way through labour just like you had shown us, that alone got me through the hardest parts. I look back on my labour as one of the most intense but spiritual and wonderful experiences of my life and a lot of this is down to you and your classes.

Helen, December 2017

I wanted to thank you for being an excellent yoga and hypnobirthing teacher-your approach to it all and style of teaching, your general gentle and relaxed and positive demeanour were a really important element of my mental preparations-I kept thinking about birthing my baby gently and that every birth is right for every person, and I was in control. My only regret was that I was busy so many Sundays when I had to miss your class!! But I’m glad I made it for one last one last week-I’m sure that helped too!!
Thank you Alexa-you’re brilliant and really inspirational. I will now look forward to you mum and baby classes!!

Join Alexa’s pregnancy yoga classes
Tuesdays 7.15pm
The Bridge
81 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 0NQ

Contact Alexa


Mum & Baby Yoga with Alexa Dean

Chelsea Postnatal Yoga / Shoreditch Postnatal Yoga

Practising yoga with your baby next to you is, fun, lively, cute, noisy… requires lots of pauses and creativity to adapt the postures and moves to add sounds, peek-a-books, smiles, songs, cuddles, eye contact, feeding and changing nappies and of course lots of kisses!

Be gentle with the movements, work within your strength and flexibility and never force anything. It is best to start from around 6 weeks postnatal when your body has recovered a little from birth. Don’t make moves too fast and try to use the flow and rhythm of your breath.

Breathing Warm Up

Sitting on Easy Pose (legs crossed) sit your baby on your lap and hold her back against your belly or if your baby is on the floor place one hand on her belly and your other hand on your heart centre. Align your spine making it tall, elegant and light, let your eyes close. Feel the energy from the crown of your head reaching up the skies and an opposing energy from your seat bones, reaching down to the centre of the earth. Enjoy as many breaths as you can, simply feeling the movement of your breath in your body. Do a few gentle head and neck circles in both directions and the same with your shoulders. Then draw your shoulders up and release with a big sigh three times. And saying to yourself, ask your baby to teach you something new today, as your baby is your greatest teacher!

Side Stretches

Keeping the same seating position, maybe you want to change the crossing of the legs, bring one arm up on the inhale and as you exhale feel your intercostal muscles, in between your ribs, as you give your body a lovely side stretch. I like the flow from side to side when baby is next to you and follows the movement of your arms. You can also do this with your baby in your lap holding the baby with one hand and inhale the other arm up and over to feel the stretch. Repeat on the other side. 3-5 times each side.

Pelvic Tilts

Lying on your back with your knees bent. Baby may be on your chest, or next to you on a blanket or the top of your mat. Tuck your belly button in toward your spine, exhale and tilt your pelvis up, inhale and tilt your pelvis back. You are rocking your pelvis back and forth for gentle strengthening of the abdomen. You will feel your spine flat on the floor as you exhale and a natural curve as you inhale. Starting gently and moving slowly is the best. Add a gather of your pelvic floor muscles as you exhale and soften on the exhalation. Mindful conscious movement with breath is key here. Repeat around 20 times.

Half Bridge Up-Downs

Stay lying on your back with knees bent and hip width apart (feet too!). Baby sitting on your hips, hold her with your hands – or baby next to you, hands on the floor next to your body. Inhale here. On the exhale, press your feet down to the earth and lift your hips off the mat. You are opening up the space around your heart. It has a calming and quieting effect, therefore great for anxiety! Don’t squeeze your bum too much, think firm, not hard rock! Exhale raise, inhale back down synchronizing with a slow, steady breath. Here you can also activate your pelvic floor muscles each time you exhale up, and release as you inhale down to the mat. Always start the movement first grounding the feet to the floor then the lift becomes easier.

Bridge is a fantastic antidote to anxiety and therefore a pose I recommend to post-natal yogis. It calms the mind, helps with headaches, and alleviates stress and mild depression.

Cat-Cow Stretches (modified)

From Table Pose with hands below your shoulders and knees under your hips, exhale and create a dome shape to cat pose, the spine towards the sky. On the inhale come back to table. To this movement and breath add pelvic floor gathering and release. A full Cow Pose (with head and tailbone lifted) is not recommended with diastasis recti.

Movement releases tension and this posture is great for the spine and to strengthen the core and your pelvic floor.

Warrior Dance

Standing poses help us build strength, balance and confidence.

Step your left foot back, heel off the floor as you bend the right knee and your arms flow up to Crescent Moon Pose. Align the spine, drop the shoulders down, open your heart centre, ground your feet to the earth. Now come to Warrior II as the left heals goes down to the floor and your hips open gently to the left, front knee always bent. One arm in front of you, the other one behind. Feel the feet rooting down and the opposing energies from your arms. Check your spine. A gentle tone in your belly and the pelvic floor. Keep dancing from Crescent Moon Pose to Warrior II Pose.

Hip Circles

Hold your baby in your arms. Standing with legs shoulder-width apart, start moving the hips in circles. Keep the pelvic floor activated as you move your hips. If you feel good and want to try more, widen your stance and bend your knees a bit more. Dance! Smile! Have fun!


At the end of your practice, take a moment to lay still, on your back in Savasana or side to let your body and mind relax and take in the practice you have just done. Maybe sing a song to the baby…

About Alexa Dean

Alexa is a Yoga Teacher, Doula, Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, Massage Therapist and Placenta Remedies Specialist. She is passionate about active, positive and conscious birth and supporting pregnant women and new parents through the amazing transformation that parenthood brings forth. She encourages her mamas to enjoy their pregnancy and to feel the empowerment obtained through knowledge and understanding of the process of birth. Her classes with mums-to-be and mums with babies are fun and are offered with an open mind and open heart. The vibe is upbeat, nurturing and friendly. For more info visit her website

Alexa teaches Mummy & Me (Dads Welcome) at:

triyoga Chelsea
Fridays 12:45-14:15. To book click here.

triyoga Shoreditch
Wednesdays 10:30-12:00. To book click here

Mum and Baby Chelsea / Postnatal Chelsea
Mum and Baby Shoreditch / Postnatal Shoreditch


Bengkung Belly Wrap

London Bengkung Belly Binding


What is a Bengkung Belly Wrap?

Bengkung Belly Binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum women’s belly for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth.  This belly binding technique uses a long strip of 100% natural cotton cloth to wrap around the abdomen from the hips to the ribcage.

Belly wrap in a variety of forms has been practiced by cultures throughout the world for generations. Bengkung Belly Binding comes to the West from Malaysia, where Malay women begin binding about day 4 and bind for at least 40 days postpartum to help support the healing process.

Benefits of Bengkung Belly Wrap

Bengkung is said to have healing properties which include:
– Supporting the internal organs
– Assisting in abdominal wall retraction (including with diastasis recti)
– Encouraging good posture
– Improving circulation
– Reducing water retention
– Closing the hips and the rib cage
– Decreasing postpartum bleeding time
– Supporting the pelvic floor
– Lessening afterpains
– Encouraging spinal realignment to a pre-pregnancy state

Women should be wrapped as soon they can after birth, ideally on day four or five postpartum. The belly bind should be worn daily for 12 hours a day for at least 40 days or longer. After a cesarean birth women should wait at least 6 weeks until the incision is mostly healed before they are wrapped.

Bengkung belly binding is different than western girdles and corsets. The goal with Bengkung binding is not a flatter tummy but overall holistic healing.

Bengkung Belly Wrap Service London

Three sessions at your home which include:

  • Application of a postpartum healing belly balm and a relaxing Abdominal-Sacral Massage
  • Belly Bind paste application
  • Belly Binding instruction to teach you how to bind yourself daily at home. A friend or family member is welcome to learn so they can help wrap you at home
  • Includes your own Bengkung Belly Bind Kit

Price: £250 – three sessions (60mins each)

Email Alexa for bookings and more info

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby Massage is about love… touch, contact, communication, connection… It’s about giving and receiving back…

Baby Massage encourages loving attachment and more confidence in holding and handling. The benefits are both physical and emotional for both baby and parent. It secures the full structural health and fitness of the baby, helps achieve full flexibility and ensures a level of relaxation introducing confidence and trust in your relationship. Other benefits include: improved circulation, muscle relaxation and joint flexibility, cleansing of baby’s skin, improved body’s resistance to infection, induces general feelings of wellbeing, encourages closeness in a relationship, makes the baby feel protected and loved, assists digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Alexa teaches an ongoing group class at triyoga Camden.

Join Alexa’s Baby Massage classes:
Mondays 11am-12pm
triyoga Camden
57 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7DB

She also offers one-to-one sessions and small group sessions at your home.

Email Alexa