Benefits of Having a Doula

Here are some benefits of having a doula:

  • Continuity of support
  • Reduced fear and anxiety
  • Personalised care
  • Support for the family as a whole, if you have one
  • Antenatal meets at convenient times
  • Learn how to make informed decisions that are right for you
  • Care without agenda, judgement or expectation
  • Less likely to have an induction or augmentation of labour
  • Less likely to feel the need to request pain relief
  • Shorter labours
  • Less likely to have an instrumental birth
  • Less likely to need a caesarean
  • More positive outlook of birth
  • Help fathers participate with confidence
  • Less likely to suffer from postnatal depression
  • Smoother transition into parenthood
  • Support with breastfeeding
  • Higher self-esteem and sense of empowerment

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