1-3 April 2019

Da-a-Luz Oasis
International Midwifery School, Orgiva, Spain
Founder & Director: Vanessa Brooks

MODULE: ‘You are a Temple’ – Yoga, Self-Care and the Magic of Touch – guided by Alexa Dean


As women we have the power of creation… through the connecting of our womb to mother earth. The deeper we connect with the womb and through it with the earth the more grace and ease we can bring to our lives, our work and our relationships in sisterhood and with everyone around us.
Feminine embodiment is about connecting deeply with our bodies and through that with the magic of the feminine energy, which has different names in different ancient traditions but is always seen as the source of all. This energy called SHAKTI in the ancient Vedic tradition is the flow of life itself, and by reconnecting with it we can bring this magic, grace and flow back into our lives.

All women relax differently. The Oxytocin hormone, which comes from giving and receiving care is needed for a deep relaxation. Often the balance is heavily tilted towards giving and we are not used to receiving as much. This module is also a place to practice receiving the care of the feminine from other sisters and give it in return in equal balance through practices like conscious touch and present listening.

Yoga is a complete and effective system of self-care and spiritual development. It offers a holistic approach to health and to life. There is a union of mind, body and spirit, an understanding of both the intellect and of the emotions. Spiritual and physical aspects of yoga include the inspiring principles of awareness, respect, self-referral and balance.

Breath Work, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness help to direct mental attention around the body, bringing relaxation, restoration and healing of every cell, lifting also the spirits.

Massage is a form of communication, a gentle signal to tell the body that it is OK to relax the muscles to release stress from body and mind. Massage improves muscles tone, alleviates discomfort, calms and sooths the emotions and promotes a feeling of inner peace.