3-9 September 2016

Attending the Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth Conference at Findhorn, meeting Traditional Midwives Ibu Robin Lim (Bali), Angelina Martinez Miranda (Mexico) and Ramiro Romero (Colombia), listening once again revolutionary Dr. Michel Odent (France), dancing with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Russia), feeling the beats from Hope Jj Medford (USA), breathing and relaxing with Binnie Dansby (USA), learning the research from Ray Castelino (USA), Robin Grille (Australia) and Robbie Davis-Floyd (USA)… shaked my life! The flow of spirituality and good energy over these seven days was phenomenal. To spend time in the presence of like-minded men and women from all over the world sharing experiences made me believe that we can indeed bring change.

We started each day with the option of yoga, taizé and meditation. Our days were filled with wide-eyed wonder at the knowledge and skill shared with us by these amazing speakers and other special guests. Each day we all shared meals together and excitedly spoke of all we had learned and collectively what we could achieve in our own parts of the world. We learnt many hands on skills techniques, home group meetings to check in, etc. In the evenings we all joined again to share dinner and often finishing our evenings watching birth films, open mic or dancing. I left Findhorn with a true vision of my life’s path and have every day since felt the combined strength, power and passion of all the people I met.

Beautiful, cared, well-thought, loving organisation from Rosie Faith, Elmer Postle, Graham Meltzer and all the volunteers at Findhorn Foundation that made this possible. Thank you!