Traditionally across the world, women have given birth supported by female relatives or friends but nowadays many of us have moved away from our roots and live without the networks of extended family.

A doula is trained to put her own experiences and thoughts to one side, this enables her to support you to birth in your chosen way.

Reasons why you may look into a doula:

•  You want a straightforward birth.
•  You want CHOICE in how you give birth.
•  You have had a previously bad experience and you want to prepare for this one with other support.
•  You need someone to be there when your partner is absent.
•  You need  someone to support you if your partner needs to attend to other children.
•  You want continuity of care, and the guarantee that who you choose will be there for you on the day you give birth.
•  You want access to up to date research on information regarding your CHOICES.
•  Someone to talk to about your birth that remembers the details.

(Taken from “Mothering the Mother” by Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993)